Unifying Communications for Goldtempest

Goldtempest are a growing marketing agency based in York. Prior to a recent merger of three individual agencies to create one group, each agency operated independently with their own phone lines and service providers. This resulted in a fragmented communication system that was difficult to manage effectively when combined.



The agency faced several challenges with its previous communication setup. They had multiple phone lines spread across various locations, including York, Sheffield, and remote workers through several different providers. With freelancers also involved in the team, managing business communications became even more complicated. As a result, coordinating incoming calls posed a significant hurdle, decreasing productivity during the working day and creating a challenge that Rachel Shoobridge, Commercial Director for Goldtempest needed to address. Recognising the need for an integrated communications solution that could streamline their operations and improve accessibility across each business unit, Rachel reached out to various business communication providers to explore the market.



Having reviewed several different options, Goldtempest found that many options were far too expensive, or they didn’t meet for their requirements for the price. Having considered a range of small business phone system options, the team recognised that Gradwell understood their unique requirements as a small advertising agency and selected the Wave phone system. Goldtempest opted for Wave from Gradwell due to its competitive pricing model and user-friendly platform. They needed some core features that aligned with Wave, including advanced call redirection and voicemail management.

One of the key benefits of Gradwell’s Wave platform is its advanced redirect capabilities and voicemail features. These features could enable the merged marketing agency to manage incoming calls efficiently and effectively. Additionally, with Wave’s voicemail management feature, missed calls could be overseen promptly and professionally through customisable voicemail greetings and easy retrieval of messages. This would ensure that no potential client inquiries are missed or neglected, improving overall customer service.


Results: Growth and Customer Satisfaction

The previous system of managing multiple phone line and services was time-consuming and inefficient for Goldtempest. However, with the Wave phone system, this challenge has been overcome. The agency no longer needs to spend time operating different phone lines, instead, they can focus on their core tasks and maximise productivity. The simplified system allows them to allocate resources more effectively and complete projects in a timely manner.

With Gradwell’s Wave phone system, clients now can reach specific team members directly without any unnecessary call transfers or delays. This means that when a client contacts the agency, their call can be directed straight to the appropriate team member, eliminating any frustration or confusion caused by being passed from one person to another. This solution has delivered improved accessibility, allowing for more efficient and effective communication between clients and the agency.

‘’ The ability to change the numbers in the Wave system if people are on annual leave as well to be able to give them the opportunity to have time away, because we all work from mobiles, it can be hard to switch off sometimes’’

Rachel Shoobridge, Commercial Director 

The enhanced productivity resulting from streamlining multiple phone lines has freed up valuable time for core tasks within the organisation. Furthermore, effective call management through advanced redirect capabilities and voicemail features ensures prompt handling of incoming calls while maintaining professionalism in client interactions.

In addition to the commercial benefits and features, Goldtempest decided to switch their telephony across to Gradwell’s services due to the exceptional support services that Gradwell could provide throughout the transition phase.

‘’The team have been great and very understanding, everyone has been very patient with the fact that we have been so busy as well. In which they were very respectful about, we very much appreciated it’’

Rachel Shoobridge, Commercial Director 

The agency anticipates continued growth which will further benefit from utilising Gradwell’s services and expanding their usage of the platform. As they continue to integrate and optimise their operations, Gradwell’s solution will prove invaluable in facilitating efficient communication and maintaining a prominent level of customer service as the business grows.

By switching to Wave, the agency successfully addressed their communication challenges with managing a disparate team and achieved significant efficiency and commercial benefits. The competitive pricing, ease of use, and advanced call redirection capabilities provided by the Wave phone system. This helped them improved accessibility, and better manage client relationships within the organisation.

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