Wave Features

We’ve designed Wave to be simple and easy to use, but packed full of tools to help your business telephony run smoothly.



UK phone number

Every Wave user includes a free UK phone number.

Non-geographic numbers

Choose any non-geographic number (available as an optional extra).

International numbers

Choose any international number (available as an optional extra).

Number porting

Port your existing number from almost any other provider.


Softphone apps

Bring your own device. Load the Wave app onto any Android or iOS device or access via a web browser.

Pre-configured hardware

All Wave phones are pre-programmed to work straight out of the box.


Web control panel

Manage any element of your system via an easy-to-use control panel, including bulk creation of users.

Advanced security

We monitor our network for any disturbance at all times.


Easy configuration for business & out of hours settings & customisable extension ranges.​


Statistics & graphs detailing users calls, habits and usage.

Call barring

Easily prevent international and premium-rate dialling.

Call recording

Record & store calls in the cloud for up to 7 years.

Bill management

Online call logs & daily spend alerts.

CLI management

Customised caller line identity management options.


Hunt groups

Customise how you want groups to ring around your company.

Call queues

Create custom queues – ideal for customer services, support and sales.

Calendar routing

Automatically route calls based on day and time.


Handset adoption and mobile, desktop, handset & conference phone compatibility.

Multiparty video

Wave to Wave video calling & conferencing.

User directory

Contact users and groups quickly with just a click of a button.

PIN access routing

Change caller routing based on PIN entered.

Hunt group simulator

Test your hunt group settings with call conditions before making them live.

Voice menus

Record menu options directly through your control panel.

Call forwarding

Easy call holding, forwarding, including blind & attended transfers, auto attendant & IVR.

Emergency services

Easy access & free calling to emergency service numbers.

Voicemail & messaging

Custom voicemail

Create unique voicemail messages for every user.

Voicemail to email

Automatically send new voicemails to email.

Voicemail transcription

Get text transcriptions of your voicemails automatically sent to your inbox.


Secure signalling

Safe & reliable signalling, including Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Encrypted media

Encryption, authentication and protection, including Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP).

IP-only access

IP only access control panel for extra security.

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