Enabling Growth: The Envision and Gradwell Partner Success Story

This case study explores how Envision Communications Group partnered with Gradwell to quickly bring new VoIP services to market, helping them grow fast and stand out from the crowd. The story highlights the collaboration between two organisations, driven by a shared commitment to excellence and customer-centric service.

Envision Communications Group is a growing business communications provider based in Cheshire. Founded in 2022, the leadership team, Duncan Niblett, Group Commercial Director and Simon Bade, Managing Director, created the business with a vision to provide best-in-class business communications services underpinned by their core values of trust, honesty and education. Combined, Duncan and Simon have over forty years of experience in the industry, so they understand what good looks like when it comes to vendor partnerships. They sought a new partner that could enable them to build an excellent service offering that came with 100% uptime and competitive pricing.

“Our foundation is built on being more transparent and honest than anyone else. It’s what sets us apart and defines our service quality”

Duncan Niblett, Group Commercial Director 


Challenge: Growing in a Competitive Landscape

The team sought a reliable, adaptable telephony supplier but crucially, they needed to find a vendor whose values aligned to theirs, and Gradwell was selected due to matching their ambition of service excellence, trust, and transparency. Duncan and Simon aimed to build a partnership based on a mutual commitment to transparency and honesty, setting a high standard in service delivery that aimed to significantly enhance customer satisfaction, providing differentiation for Envision against the competition.

In the early days of the business, the previous vendors in place were only able to support with the front end of the service delivery. They had limited resources in the business to handle every complexity of their orders, from provisioning to order management and support. As such, they looked to Gradwell’s partner program as it aligned to their needs of having the full package of professional services available to do everything from porting, order processing and system builds.

To enable fast growth as a new start-up, they needed a partner who could invest time and support resources to upskill team members in the business and help them to become more self-sufficient over time as the Envision team grew. It wasn’t purely about the technology that a partner could provide, but also the guidance on how to operate more efficiently and improve both their customers and their internal processes along the way.

“We wanted to make our processes slicker. By working with the Gradwell team, they’re helping us to improve all of our processes by giving us some real valuable insights as to what works well, where it’s falling down and how we can improve operational efficiency”

Simon Bade, Managing Director 

Gradwell’s partner program not only demonstrated the flexibility desired but also the speed to market for both 3CX and Wave. With Gradwell’s robust support and comprehensive enablement and product training, Envision was able to swiftly introduce these new VoIP solutions to their portfolio, strengthening their competitive edge and providing more choice for their customers. Envision was provided with the technical training to sell and deliver solutions like 3CX, and also sales decks and marketing materials to enable them to easily market these new solutions. This removed any obstacles a new business would face when adding this technology to its portfolio.

“The flexibility of your partner program has been key. At the beginning, the support has been brilliant to onboarding through to delivery”

Duncan Niblett, Group Commercial Director 


Results: Growth and Customer Satisfaction

The collaboration between Envision and Gradwell Communications has transformed Envision’s capabilities, enabling them to manage more complex requirements effectively. The partnership has been instrumental in Envision’s growth, adding new solutions to their portfolio and improving customer retention through an enhanced customer journey and better internal processes. This alliance has not only led to an increased headcount, reflecting organisational growth, but it has also laid down a future-proof blueprint for sustained success.

The commercial flexibility of Gradwell’s partner program was another key to success. Bespoke project management and professional services packages were provided, enabling the Envision team to quickly scale up their business and outsource several areas of the process to Gradwell until their workforce was better equipped. This allowed Simon and Duncan to concentrate on growing the business, without the distraction of day-to-day support services.

The addition of Wave to their solutions portfolio gave them the ability to better serve the SME market and enhance their overall value proposition by combining this solution with their overall best-in-class communications services.

Looking ahead to the future, Simon and Duncan believe that the partnership with Gradwell will enable further improvement to their processes which will enable them to improve the customer experience and win further awards, having earned ‘Newcomer of the Year 2023’ in the Gradwell partner awards.


“We want to have slick processes across the business because that reinforces the customer journey to be even better which is key for growth and success for us both. With the knowledge and support provided by Gradwell, we are aiming for further growth and to win ‘Partner of the Year’ in 2024″

Duncan Niblett, Group Commercial Director 

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