Consolidating VoIP and Business Mobile to Drive Efficiencies for Fundment



Fundment is a fast-growing financial technology firm, helping advisors achieve more for their clients through their investment platform. Their innovative platform streamlines investment processes, making opportunities accessible to a wider range of investors. Across the organisation, a range of users require access to both the VoIP phone system and Business Mobiles including the financial advisors, support and back-office staff.



Fundment were facing challenges with their previous VoIP phone system and Business Mobile suppliers, and wanted a solution that unified their communication services (delivered by one supplier). The team would frequently encounter call quality issues, with calls dropping mid-conversation which was affecting the company’s overall productivity.

Fundment recognised that unified communication is essential to facilitate growth in the business. With the organisation averaging 400-500 calls per week, they needed a provider that could deliver enhanced service quality and reliability consistently at a reasonable price, enabling them to create efficiencies across the organisation and scale seamlessly as needed.

In addition to high-quality calls, Fundment required advanced reporting capabilities to better track and analyse call data. They wanted insights into key metrics such as call duration, call volumes, missed calls etc., to optimise their operations and manage demand. This functionality would allow them to make data-driven decisions around resource investment, optimising operations and improving customer service.

With their previous Business Mobile solution, accessing customer support was difficult and could only be done via webchat. In teams where this service is essential for managing workload and day-to-day tasks, it was critical for the business to have a reliable service, good support from an account manager and reasonable coverage wherever the team went geographically. Fundment also faced early termination charges to move their mobile estate at the same time as changing VoIP provider, but they were keen to complete the project in one go. So, they needed a supplier who would cover the termination charges as part of the agreement.



Fundment opted to migrate their VoIP phone system to 3CX, due to the commercial benefits (simultaneous call license model) combined with the advanced reporting features and mobile app to support their remote workers. By switching to 3CX, Fundment were able to address call quality and support issues whilst also realising substantial cost savings through bundled packages. With improved reporting capabilities aligned with their business needs, they can make informed decisions based on real-time data as they work towards continued business growth.

In addition, Fundment migrated 13 Business Mobile users across to Gradwell in order to drive efficiencies and consolidate suppliers. By switching all their communication services to one supplier, they were able to benefit from better packages and attractive pricing structures tailored specifically for their office and remote-working requirements. Gradwell were able to take care of the early termination charges, allowing Fundment to transition fully and realise all benefit. As a growing organisation, cost management is critical for the business to ensure continued profitability. The Business Mobile packages provided by Gradwell not only helped to consolidate services and improve support, but also significantly reduced monthly costs.



Gradwell have provided Fundment with reliable, cost-effective and scalable solutions supported by excellent customer service and ongoing account management. In addition, the advanced telephony features are helping them manage a growing business more successfully.

The VoIP and Business Mobile solutions have enabled the team to become more proactive, with the ability to jump in and out of call queues easily. In addition, the improved reliability of both the VoIP and Business Mobile lines has significantly improved the company’s productivity. Since the initial migration of Business Mobile users, Fundment have really benefited from collaborating with their dedicated account manager to purchase additional mobile connections, provision new mobile handsets and scale as required. They’ve had no issues with service, and new orders have been completed and connected quickly.


“’I would say that the service has been outstanding. Nothing has ever been too much to ask, from installation through to the transfer of our VoIP and Business Mobile services. The Gradwell team are always willing to help, I don’t just feel like we are “just one of many customers” – we feel like we are important”

Bradley Meneer, Business Manager

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