Wave Teams+

Bring full unified communications support to your business, with Wave Teams+

Gradwell makes conversations happen with the Wave for Teams phone system

Wave Teams+

The next generation of Wave is here, with full, seamless integration to Microsoft Teams.

Teams has been adopted by thousands of businesses to support the rise of remote and hybrid working. However, although it has some phone system features, it is not as effective at handling communications with customers, suppliers, and other external parties. Businesses need seamless integrations with fully-featured telephony to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Our new integration, Wave Teams+ brings together the best of both worlds; market-leading collaboration from Teams with the affordable and intuitive Wave phone system. Set-up is simple and ongoing user management easy in our dedicated configuration UI and user management interface

In addition, Wave Teams+ is a native integration, no 3rd party plugins or toolbars are required to make it function, meaning you can access the full set of Microsoft Teams controls and your phone system within one seamless integration.

Why you should combine Teams with Wave

Manage all calls through Teams

Manage calls using Wave routing options

Control your number presentation

Connect all your users

In-depth reporting on all calls via Teams

Secure call recording

Wave Teams + features

Feature Microsoft Teams Wave Teams+
Video Calling
Intelligent Call Routing & IVR
Call Recording
Advanced Reporting

Trusted by schools & multi-academy trusts

We are already helping education customers across the UK to reduce costs, modernise, and future-proof their communications. 

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a Microsoft license?

Yes – A Microsoft 365 subscription with Teams included is needed PLUS a Teams Phone Standard (without calling plan) license.

Do I need to give you access to my Microsoft tenant?

No – You create a admin user and we provide a secure method for you to deliver the credentials to us. We use these during the provisioning process only. These credentials need to remain active to allow MACDs.

Do I get call recording?

Yes – Call recording is a Wave feature and works on inbound and outbound calls that are handled by Wave only Teams to Teams voice or video calls are not recorded in Wave.

How do I control which users can use Teams with Wave?

There is a simple selector in the User page of the Administration panel. You can enable users up to the number of add-on licenses you have purchased. Wave will tell you when you run out and you easily order more add-ons.

Can I use a handset with this solution?

Yes – a user with Wave Teams+ can have standard handset too and both will ring at the same time, choose which you answer on.

Can I change my outbound caller ID?

Yes, this can be done through the control panel. Or if you are using our Wave user portal, you can do this through there.

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