Make conversations happen with the Wave
VoIP phone system

Meet our affordable, powerful and intuitive VoIP phone system. Designed in the UK, Wave helps you and your colleagues work from anywhere.

Gradwell's Wave phone system makes conversations happen

Take your business line anywhere

Simple to manage

Easy management and configuration using our all-in-one control panel.

Super-fast setup

Get set up in hours with easy onboarding and fast configuration.​

Perfect for remote teams

Access from any device, anywhere in the world.

Feature packed

Designed with tonnes of useful features to help your business.​

Remote working made easy

Built with modern-day working in mind, Wave makes doing business easier. We’ve designed Wave with these key features to help businesses manage their telephony remotely.
Gradwell reviewed by PC Mag as smoothest transition to VoIP
Gradwell is PC Pro recommended

“An SMB-friendly cloud VoIP service that’s easy to manage, great value, and big on call-handling features. Wave is a managed service that’s simple to deploy and incredibly easy to use”



Mix and match your Wave subscription to match the needs of the users within your organisation. For instance, if you have the back-office personnel primarily managing inbound calls, opt for Wave 100 licenses. For those engaging in a substantial volume of outbound calls, the Wave 3000 license would be more suitable.

Wave 100


per user per month

  • 100 landline/mobile minutes
  • Admin control panel
  • Call management features
  • Softphone and caller browsing

Wave 1000


per user per month

  • 1,000 landline/mobile minutes
  • Admin control panel
  • Call management features
  • Softphone and caller browsing

Wave 3000


per user per month

  • 3,000 landline/mobile minutes
  • Admin control panel
  • Call management features
  • Softphone and caller browsing

Introducing Wave

Keeping businesses communicating and in control

With Wave on your side, you will solve problems faster, communicate effectively, and benefit from collaboration like never before. Our Wave solution not only cuts costs and saves time but also seamlessly integrates hybrid and remote working into your business. We’re dedicated to your success, which is why every Wave subscription comes with the following benefits: 

Landline and mobile-compatible minute bundles

Full access to all call management and admin features

Softphone & browser calling abilities

Video calling

Stay in control

The Wave control panel helps you change configurations, users and setup in seconds. The Wave control panel enables you to adjust configurations, manage users, and get setup within seconds. Accessible from any location, it’s designed to ensure easy ongoing management, and keep your business agile. 

View all compatible handsets for Wave here.

Wave Teams +

Microsoft Teams logo

The next generation of Wave is here, with full seamless integration to Microsoft Teams. Our newly released integration combines the unparalleled collaboration features of Teams with the cost-effective and user-friendly Wave phone system. With Wave Teams +, remote and hybrid work setups have never been easier.

Gradwell powers UK SMEs

Why you should combine Teams with Wave

Inbound calls ring through to your Teams client.

Effectively manage calls using Wave routing options.

Control your number presentation.

Connect your non-Teams users with your Teams users.

Get insights and in-depth reporting on all calls via Teams.

Secure call recording.

Built in the cloud

We’ve built Wave to use the full power of cloud hosting via Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Highly resilient, with automatic scaling based on usage, Wave is almost completely disaster-proof.

Ultimate resiliency

Developed specifically for the cloud, we use multiple redundancies in geographically-diverse instances.

Limitless capacity

Using AWS auto-scaling, we can increase and decrease server load based on call usage across all our customers.

Gradwell is powered by AWS cloud hosting

Trusted by our customers

We are already helping customers across the UK to make the switch. 

We work with in-house IT functions with complex requirements, to business owners and office managers who are new to telephony and communications. Read our case studies to find out more.

Frequently asked questions

How is Wave different to traditional phone systems?

Wave is a cloud phone system (or a “hosted phone system”). This means all the software that runs it is based in a data centre, with calls being delivered into your office via an internet connection. This removes the need for a local PBX on site, which helps to offer additional flexibility.

How do I set up additional users for my business?

Simply give our team a call on 01225 800800 and they can set up extra users in a matter of minutes.

Can I transfer my existing business number?

As long as we have a porting agreement in place with your current provider, we will be able to move over your current telephone numbers. Our experienced team will complete the necessary porting documentation and manage the order through to completion.

Do you offer residential packages?

Sorry! We currently only supply voice and data services to businesses and partners.

Can I make and receive calls on my mobile phone?

You will have access a ‘soft phone’ which is an app installed on your mobile phone. This will allow you to access all the features from your office phone and make calls from your office number. You can also make calls via any computer using a web client.

Can Wave support multiple sites?

Provided each of your sites has an internet connection (and we can help you get one if not) you will be able to utilise our cloud phone system across your business premises.

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