Gradwell 3CX Hosting

Installation, Provisioning & Monitoring From A 3CX Titanium Partner

As 3CX Titanium Partners, we take all aspects of 3CX installation, provisioning and monitoring seriously.

Often overlooked, hosting is crucial to maintaining a secure, reliable and resilient modern phone system.

24/7 monitoring

Every managed 3CX instance is monitored at all times by our Network Operations Centre.

Constant backups

We ensure encrypted backups of all 3CX instances are made off-site on a regular basis.

Managed updates

We make sure that 3CX is kept up to date with the latest security and feature updates.

Experienced 3CX engineers

Our staff include years of 3CX installation, support and troubleshooting experience.

Our hosting versus alternatives

3CX is a system that can be set up and run in many ways, each with pros and cons.

Below, we compare our fully managed service with managing hosting directly through 3CX, and self-hosting.

Hosting Types Self Hosted 3CX Hosted Gradwell fully-managed 3CX
Description Host yourself on a server 3CX will host your 3CX instance Gradwell’s fully-managed 3CX service
Available licenses Any Up to 24SC Any
Cloud Connector? Custom No Yes
Fully managed option? No No
Yes (24/7 noc)
System updates No Yes Managed (custom deployment time & opt-out)
Endpoint restrictions? None 85 maximum None
Simultaneous call restrictions None 24 None
Handset provisioning Plug & Play on-site Plug & Play (SBC required), subject to endpoint restrictions Plug & Play (SBC required), STUN or Remote SIP
High availability / Fail over available? Manual None Yes
Call recording storage Manual 5GB 5GB minimum with further upgrades available
Custom templates Yes No Yes
Included SIP Trunks No No Yes
Customer FQDN Yes No Yes
Support Self supported 24/5  24/7

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