Transforming community support services with the Wave Phone System

Marches Energy Agency is a fuel poverty charity dedicated to helping people keep warm in their homes through energy advice, home visits, grant facilitation, and training. With a focus on sustainable and renewable energy, they aim to empower individuals and communities to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. With a history spanning over 25 years, Marches Energy Agency serves communities across Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, Derbyshire, Wolverhampton, and Sandwell.



One of the challenges Marches Energy Agency was facing was the need for reliable and efficient communication channels to provide suitable support to the consumers who were experiencing fuel poverty, demonstrating the importance of the reliability of their services. Marches Energy required support to enhance their communication system, with the potential implications being delayed response times to urgent requests for assistance, missed opportunities for outreach and support, and decreased effectiveness in delivering services to those in need.

Marches Energy Agency chose Gradwell over other providers due to our reputation for reliability, flexible commercials, and ability to tailor the given solutions to the needs of charitable organisations. Leveraging Gradwell’s VoIP phone system, Wave. Features such as group scheduling, call forwarding, voicemail-to-email and conference calling would be beneficial to improve their customer service.

‘’What particularly stood out was Gradwell’s commitment to exceptional customer service and their understanding of the challenges we faced in the charity sector’’ (Chloe King, Project Manager)



The team are utilising Gradwell’s services to provide expert over-the-phone energy advice and support, organising home visits, coordinating training sessions, and providing other remote assistance to householders and partner organisations.

Implementing the Wave phone system has delivered several benefits for Marches energy Agency, including cost savings, improved response times to client enquires and better coordination of outreach efforts. The team of 50 people have experienced fewer missed calls, and any that are missed are easily manageable due to Wave’s voicemail-to-email notifications feature, which saves valuable administration time.

‘’ The reliability and flexibility of Gradwell’s solutions were crucial in enabling us to carry out our activities effectively’’ (Chloe King, Project Manager)

The wider impact of this improved communication infrastructure has been significant. It has enabled the charity to deliver more effective and targeted support to vulnerable households, thereby reducing energy bills, improving comfort levels, and ultimately enhancing the well-being of their clients and communities. Additionally, it has sustained their partnerships with local authorities, energy providers, and other stakeholders, facilitating collaborative efforts to address fuel poverty and promote sustainable energy solutions.



‘’ Our experience with Gradwell has been a positive one. Their Wave solution has improved our communication efficiency and allowed us to better serve individuals and families who were struggling to keep warm across Shropshire, Derbyshire, Wolverhampton, and Sandwell.’’ (Chloe King, Project Manager)

By selecting Wave, Marches Energy Agency addressed their communication challenges, allowing them to deliver better support and integrate social and environmental considerations towards a more sustainable future. The agency continues to make a positive difference in the lives of the community affected by fuel poverty, embodying their commitment for a more sustainable future.

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