Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Turn Microsoft Teams into your business phone system and experience unified communications.

Trusted by over 8,000 businesses
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Cost-Effective Communications For Remote Working

New to Direct Routing?

Direct Routing is the process of connecting Microsoft Teams to the traditional phone network via external telephony providers, such as Gradwell, for organisations using Teams as their PBX.

This means being able to take advantage of migrating communications to the cloud, cheaper call rates, more flexibility and better support.

We’ve created a detailed guide to help you understand how it works and how it can help your organisation.

Get more from Microsoft Teams

Unify your communications

Combine your messaging, meetings, file management and phone system into one powerful system.

Built for remote working

Remote working isn't going away, and neither is Teams. With Direct Routing, you can easily share documents and host meetings anywhere, on any device.

Make significant savings

Our call charges almost always beat Microsoft's calling plans. Save huge sums on your calls across all users.

Reliable and secure systems

Our infrastructure is built to use the full power of AWS cloud hosting, with multiple redundancies.

Why Gradwell?

We’re one of the UK’s leading SIP technology specialists and played a key role in the development of Direct Routing with Microsoft.

Recognised experts

We helped pilot Direct Routing directly with Microsoft and our network is trusted by thousands.

Easy setup

Port over your numbers from almost any provider, together with personalised onboarding and training from our UK-based experts.

Key usage and billing stats

Access calling records, billing and other key data to help you get the most out of your system, all in one place.

One-stop shop

We directly connect you to the PSTN network through our Microsoft Direct Routing service and SIP Trunks, including providing the licenses you need to enable your business.

Cost-effective communications

When compared to Microsoft’s own calling plans, Direct Routing is almost always the preferable way to get PBX functionality from Teams.

“Direct Routing for Teams means everything is all in one place in comparison to other systems. We used to contact each other by WhatsApp or Zoom but Teams is much easier and more business focused. Having one app to manage everything is great for us.”

Sam Seller
Director, RMP Prop
Direct Routing Infrastructure

A reliable network

Our network is trusted by thousands of businesses for their communications every day.

We use the power of AWS combined with our own technology and experts to make Direct Routing easy, secure and reliable.

Trusted by our customers

We pride ourselves on finding solutions that help our customers, whatever their expertise.

We work with in-house IT functions with exacting requirements, to business owners and office managers who are new to telephony and communications.

Join thousands of businesses

We’ve helped organisations from across the UK take advantage of cloud-based communications tools. Can we help you?


Great question! This feature allows you to make calls to businesses and customers throughout the world, all within Microsoft teams. By using a SIP trunk to route your calls over the internet it is a cost-effective solution all within one platform.
You can! However, this isn’t something we currently offer as we specialise in enabling calling within Teams.

We simply host a Microsoft Teams-certified Session Border Controller (SBC) within our own network, which we then connect to our SIP Trunks. We then add another trunk between the SBC and Microsoft Teams so we can configure the line and connect this up with your Teams accounts.

Depending on your Office 365 licence, you may have free access to Teams, but you may need to upgrade if this isn’t the case. Talk to us if you’d to discuss your organisation.

Teams is a communications app that offers a host of features such as instant messaging, video meetings and file transfers within an organisation.

We are one of the UK’s top IP communications providers. We work with SMEs, charities and larger businesses to help them get the most out of modern telephony and communications software.