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Up to 17 Mbps

Choice of router

Free static IP address

Includes line rental

from £22

per month



Up to 80 Mbps

Choice of router

Free static IP address

Includes line rental

from £34

per month


FTTP & G. Fast

Up to 330 Mbps

Choice of router

Free static IP address

Includes line rental

from £90

per month

All packages include:

Highly-rated UK support and onboarding specialists

A large choice of routers and hardware for every business

Competitive packages designed around your business needs

Specialists to help you get VoIP-ready connections

Looking for a dedicated connection?

We also offer leased lines, the ultimate connectivity option.

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Get up to £2,500 towards your business broadband upgrade

As a registered supplier of the gigabit scheme, businesses like yours could upgrade to a high-performance internet connection, while taking advantage of a grant worth up to £2,500.

The scheme is available on a range of ethernet and fibre services so get in contact today to check your eligibility and the services available to you.

Gigabit voucher scheme

Why buy from us?


We only sell to UK SMEs. That means we build products and services around growing businesses, not corporates and multi-nationals. We think this helps us serve smaller businesses better.


We can help design packages combining phone systems and connectivity to give you huge discounts on both.


We can help you with all aspects of your communications and associated technology stack, from phone systems to connectivity, installation and support.

Broadband & Data FAQ's

Do you offer 24/7 support?
We do, you can reach our broadband support team whenever you need to by simply calling us on 01225 800888.
How do I know what speed I need?
If you aren’t sure what package or speed you’d like, just give us a call and we will be happy to calculate this for you. We take in to account things like the number of employees you have and the internal needs.
What is a static IP and why would I need one?
A IP address is the number used to identify the location that your computer is connected to the internet. A static IP address means this number never changes, no matter where you’re connecting from. You will need a static IP address if you want to: - Host a website - Run a FTP server - Host a mail server
What speed broadband can I get?
Broadband speed and pricing differs depending on where you are based. Fill out our broadband checker at the top of the page to see what speeds are available to you. You can also give us a call on 01225 800800 to chat through the different options.
What factors can impact my broadband speed?
There are a range of factors that affect broadband speeds. The distance between property and exchange for an ADSL connection is a very important as this is the distance the data must travel to reach you. Other factors like contention and the quality of the line can also slow down the speeds you receive.
How much is business broadband?
Prices start from £22 for our basic ADSL broadband package. Speak to a member of our team who can provide more detailed pricing based on your unique requirement.

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