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The customer

Serial entrepreneur Judith Ludovino set up her business TelePA in 2004. TelePA is a virtual PA and call answering specialist firm, offering business support, CRM and helpdesk software, making appointments and organising diary systems.

TelePA are a direct customer with Gradwell and use our EFM & multi-user VoIP services.

The challenge

As a company that is reliant on telephony and answering phone calls, Judith knew the value and importance of being equipped to answer phones reliably while also projecting a professional image.

TelePA were looking for a phone system that was cost-effective, strong quality and made their staff always accessible to their clients.

Judith knew that her clients were becoming more demanding, needing great service at all times. But she also knew this created opportunities for her business: “Since I set up in the 1990s, home and small office technologies have improved dramatically and, for my businesses, this has opened new doors. I now rely on internet telephony, or VoIP, for my clients’ calls to be diverted to my lines so that they can be answered in their own company name and their customers don’t know any different.”

The solution

We created a bespoke package including an EFM connectivity solution designed around TelePA’s limited local fibre optic connectivity and our Multi User VoIP hosted phone system. The two ensured an always-on, truly mobile approach to their service.

Gradwell helps ensure that TelePA is equipped with the latest technologies while keeping the costs down and strengthening their business communications.

“Gradwell have helped me buy into the best technology without actually buying expensive equipment.”

Judith Ludovino

By using Gradwell services, TelePA have continued to grow their business while paying an affordable and competitive price. Having always run her businesses from home, Judith has been able to keep her costs down and her business growing steadily – relying on Gradwell for her business’ infrastructure has supported this.

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