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The customer

Simon Garfield is a commercial property consultant, specialising in disposal and acquisition of offices in central London. Simon Garfield formed his business in 1993 and has nearly 40 years of experience in the field. Simon is a tenant representative, locating and negotiating on new office premises for clients, doing lease regearing, rent reviews and lease renewals.

Simon Garfield has been a Gradwell customer since 2012, using our voicemail, phone line and number services.

The challenge

Simon Garfield Property offers an unrivalled service to their customers, supporting clients with the acquisition of offices, negotiating lease causes and providing expert insight into the property market.

Telephony is extremely important for Simon Garfield Property. As a sole trader, Simon always needs to be available for clients to offer a strong and expert service. This was the main challenge for Simon when looking for a phone system. He told us: “Telephony is vital. As a sole trader, I need to be quicker on my feet than my larger competitors and my phone helps me with this.”

As a small business in the centre of London, Simon wanted to create a strong presence to rival competitors and well-known branches. Setting up phone and voicemail services was vital for him so clients could speak to an unautomated person, know their calls were going to be answered and that someone would get back to them if the call went to voicemail.

The solution

As a small business ourselves, our team at Gradwell understood how important it is for SMEs to be able to communicate efficiently and what Simon was looking for. After hearing these requirements, we recommended our voicemail, phone line and number services, plus hardware for the office.

We asked how the phone system helps his business and Simon told us:
“I have a Gigaset phone that works off my router – this is a great item for me. I also have voicemail services and a phone number from Gradwell. My phone enables me to retain my London phone number even whilst working from home in these difficult times. It helps me give that image of a London base and it means that I am available to my clients 24/7 if needs be.”

Having a memorable phone number and voicemail services helps a business establish itself and create a strong brand presence and awareness. During COVID-19, having a phone number with an identifiable area code and a phone system that connects from any location helped Simon Garfield stay accessible: “My business has adapted easily during lockdown, albeit I have the one phone, but it is an 0207 number. I’m working from home so people can easily reach me, and it gives the impression I’m in town.

“Clients can always reach me. They can leave a message with total confidence that I will receive it and will get back to them. My clients know that I will always reach them when they want me, no chasing needed.”

“They have never let me down, always make me feel like a valued customer and have always given me what I need without fail in terms of products, line services and voicemail.”

Simon Garfield

Having been a customer since 2012, Simon has had a positive experience with Gradwell’s services and their support and sales teams:

“They took time to understand my needs, so I got the best product for my business. They were pleasant to deal with and professional. The tech support was friendly, professional and courteous and quickly solved my query.

“I have been a customer since 2012. They have never let me down, always make me feel like a valued customer and have always given me what I need without fail in terms of products, line services and voicemail.”

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