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The partner

ServerHouse Ltd are leading providers in data centre space, colocation, managed hosting, IaaS and VPS. With extensive experience in running small and large IT systems, ServerHouse has been pioneering internet services since 1997 and have data centres located in Portsmouth and Southampton. ServerHouse provides reliable and established services to their customers, offering them products that are flexible and energy efficient.

ServerHouse Ltd are Gradwell Partners and supply their customers with our VoIP and FTTP services.

The challenge

ServerHouse Ltd wanted to offer a range of products to their customers that were flexible and reliable, in keeping with their company ethos. We spoke to Gary Coates, Data Centre Manager at ServerHouse about their business aims and goals.
“We’re a data centre and provide broadband for homes and businesses using hybrid connectivity. We were looking for help with providing VoIP to our customers.”

ServerHouse Ltd looked into Gradwell as they worked with our founder, Peter Gradwell in 2003. Our range of products and competitive pricing attracted them. We partnered with ServerHouse to offer them VoIP and FTTP services, that improved their customers’ services and connectivity.

The solution

By partnering with ServerHouse Ltd, we helped provide their customers and data centres with our competitive VoIP packages. Gary told us: “Gradwell helped us provide VoIP to our customers and offered us a range of flexible and reliable products, including AIX and 3CX. Their competitive prices and SIP channels give us a good profit margin.”

When asked about their experience with the Partner team, Gary remarked that: “The Gradwell Partner Team are good, knowledgeable and responsive.”

“Gradwell’s competitive prices and SIP channels give us a good profit margin.”

Gary Coates

The partnership between Gradwell and ServerHouse Ltd has been beneficial for both parties and we hope to continue our work together long into the future.

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