Using Microsoft Teams As A Business Phone System For RMP Props

Connecting private property experts via Direct Routing during lockdown

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Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

The customer

RMP Prop is a private property investment and development company, based in Essex. Operating in Greater London, RMP Prop is focused on acquiring buildings with medium to long term investment with future development potential. Formed in 2010 by Director, Sam Seller, RMP Prop has experience in commercial and residential investments, planning processes, site assembling, construction and sales.

RMP Prop have been a Gradwell customer since 2014, originally using our VoIP lines, before making the transition to our Direct Routing services for Microsoft Teams.

The challenge

When RMP Prop originally reached out to Gradwell, they were looking for a basic VoIP phone system that would allow them to make and receive calls. When asked how RMP Prop use their phone system, Sam said: “We were looking for something very basic but a reliable service so we could make and take calls when we needed to.”

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, RMP Prop were having a positive experience with their VoIP phone system. However, when lockdown was enforced, Sam wanted to move from a traditional tool to a more unified communications system. “Early in lockdown, we wanted to try and make arrangements for our staff to be able to use our business communications system while working away from the office so we looked into Microsoft Teams.”

After investigating Microsoft Teams and its voice and video meeting capabilities, Sam decided to look into something that combined his phone line with unified communications software so he could connect with internal and external teams all under one system. To turn Teams into their business PBX, we recommended our Direct Routing services.

“We were originally using a VoIP phone line and then using other video meeting software. We wanted to use one solution while working from home. We ended up cancelling Zoom in favour of Teams & Direct Routing, because having everything in one place made more sense and the interface was smoother and easier to use.”​

Sam Seller

The solution

With RMP Prop looking to integrate Teams with their business phone system, we set up the Direct Routing process. Once this was completed, RMP Prop began to notice the benefits of having a phone line and communication features all in one system. Sam told us: “Direct Routing for Teams means everything is all in one place in comparison to other systems. We used to contact each other by WhatsApp or Zoom but Teams is much easier and more business focused. Having one app to manage everything is great for us.”

As Teams combines with their business phone system, this meant that Sam and his colleagues could present his business phone number and use the business phone line from wherever they were. “As a director, presenting a professional office number is important for incoming and outgoing calls. I can look like I’m in the office while I’m away and customers and clients see a fixed and memorable number when we make contact.”

In particular, Sam found that Teams was a lot stronger and easier to use when they needed to communicate with colleagues overseas, mainly in the USA. Sam explained: “We run international internships and have employees in the US. Teams has made communicating between the two countries – UK and USA – easier and we can stay in constant communication with them, via instant messaging, calls and video meetings.”

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