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The customer

Magic Beans is a Gold Partner, Xero Champion business advisory and accountancy practice. Founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Magic Beans was co-founded by Clare Galloway and Sharon Brown in March 2016.

Magic Beans provides up to date financial information that allows businesses to make effective decisions that result in profitable growth. Magic Beans offer accounting services, financial expertise and advice to help businesses meet their profitability and operations objectives cost-effectively.

Magic Beans has been a Gradwell customer since 2016 as a VoIP customer.

The challenge

As a remote online digital practice that offers outsourced accountancy and business advisory services, Magic Beans needed a phone system that could allow their clients to reach them online and via telephone at any time.

Clare Galloway, Co-Founder and Director of Magic Beans remarked that this was the most important feature they were looking for: “Receiving calls to answer questions from our clients no matter where we are is an important part of our business.”

Strong communications and always being accessible was extremely important for Magic Beans. Alongside these factors, the staff needed to be able to work remotely and have a virtual office.

The solution

Magic Beans approached Gradwell for a VoIP phone system that would be the solution to their accessibility problems. As a business that offers accountancy services at a cost-effective price to their clients, Magic Beans also needed a service that was both efficient and at a good price.

“We needed to be able to work remotely and not necessarily in the same office so the VOIP telephone system was the solution to this problem. 

Not all businesses can afford to hire an accountant full time. We use leading online accounting software to allow us to integrate our client’s paperwork to see what is happening now and in the future. Because we are an outsourced service, who pride ourselves on being a digital practice, we need to be efficient and cost effective.” 

Following discussions about what they needed in a phone system, we recommended a VoIP telephone system to solve their problems. A key aspect of VoIP is the innovative call features that comes with it, which improved Magic Beans’ connectivity, accessibility and offered all of this at a reasonable price.

“It was cost effective, relatively straight forward to set up and allowed us to set up a virtual office almost overnight. Gradwell allows us to not only work remotely but in so doing we can keep our overheads down and work from other offices but still receive our calls.”

Clare Galloway

With Gradwell services, Magic Beans have strengthened their communications while working remotely and have allowed them to always be accessible for their clients, offering their services on a wider scale.

“We have been a remote digital practice for over 4 years now so really understand the benefits of Gradwell’s services. Overall, our experience has been very good. The services that we engaged Gradwell to provide have been provided and we are very happy with the service.”

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