How Westcountry Group streamlined communications with 3CX

Gradwell worked with interiors company, Westcountry Group to improve their internal and external communications and customer satisfaction through the installation of cloud-based phone system, 3CX.

Westcountry Group are one of the country’s leading companies dedicated to education and commercial interiors, offering everything from a single chair to complete premises refurbishments. They have two offices in Plymouth and Andover and employ around 30 people.

The challenge

Due to the nature of having two offices, Westcountry Group needed an alternative to the analogue phone system that they had been using in order to improve communication and collaboration between the two offices.

With their previous phone system, communication and collaboration was long and arduous with colleagues needing to call each office on its landline and then be put through to the relevant person, which was neither smooth nor efficient.

Customer service was also a challenge which Dale Liesching, IT & Systems Manager, explained: “When customers phoned through to one of the offices, it wasn’t easy to transfer the call to the right person and we would often have to ask them to call back which didn’t reflect very well on us as a company and was not a sustainable customer service solution.”

In addition to this, the existing phone system had been too expensive and, knowing that the ISDN switch off is just around the corner, a more modern, cloud-based, phone system was needed.

Having done extensive research around VoIP-based phone solutions and various providers, they settled on Gradwell and 3CX.

“Gradwell met all of our requirements where some others fell slightly short. We had strict requirements for what our new phone system needed and Gradwell ticked all the boxes.
Nathan at Gradwell was great, he really helped us and talked us through, in detail, how 3CX can help us overcome the issues we were facing. Overall, it was a very smooth operation.”

Dale Liesching, IT & Systems Manager

The result

Since installing 3CX with Gradwell, Westcountry Group have seen a marked improvement in their internal and external communication, ability to work remotely and customer satisfaction. They now use internal extension numbers which has improved cross-office communication and collaboration when compared to the previous, analogue, phone system.

“3CX has been a massive help in terms of communication, ourselves and our customers can now get straight through to the person we are after which also saves a lot of time!

The ability to use statuses is helpful as well so people know when people are and aren’t available.”

Dale Liesching, IT & Systems Manager

With a lot of their workforce either working remotely or on-site, 3CX’s mobile app proved particularly useful: “The mobile app is very helpful, a lot of our team are out and about or working remotely but with the 3CX app, they are able to take calls on their mobile phones wherever they are.”

The fact that their entire system is cloud-based has benefitted the staff as well, they no longer use desk phones and instead make use of the softphone feature, allowing them to make calls over the internet using their computers rather than a traditional phone line.

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