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The partner

Flamelily I.T. are an IT supply and support company, founded in 2004 by Derek Knaggs. Flamelily I.T. are VoIP specialists and offer a range of internet telephony options, including website and email hosting, server setup and installation, virtualisation, hardware and more.

Flamelily I.T. has been a Gradwell partner since 2010, reselling and supporting our VoIP telephony services, in addition to their own IT support services.

The challenge

Flamelily I.T. pride themselves on providing a personalised service to small, local and countrywide businesses. As a self-employed business that supplies telephony and support to smaller companies, Flamelily I.T.’s aim was to be the best option for these brands over bigger IT firms with large overheads, expensive budgets and a lack of a personal touch.

We partnered with Flamelily I.T. as they were looking for additional VoIP services and support to help their company achieve their goals and objectives. Derek told us:“We were looking for an online PBX solution that was easy to configure, manage and quick to setup. Gradwell’s pricing structure enabled me to easily sell their solution to smaller businesses without large budgets.”

“Gradwell offered an easy PBX solution to gain more customers over my other IT offerings.”

Derek Knaggs

The solution

Having been Gradwell partners for 10 years, Flamelily I.T. have taken advantage of selling both our products and their support services together to their customers. This creates a well-managed, personalised and supportive package for Flamelily I.T.’s customers, while also keeping costs down.

“Gradwell offered an easy PBX solution to gain more customers over my other IT offerings. We’ve experienced an increased revenue due to gaining these customers who only needed a telephony solution, and they now use my IT support services too.”

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