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The customer

Better Languages are a professional translation company, helping major global brands speak to their customers in any language. They offer translation services for marketing, labels, packaging, retail, science and various websites.

Trading since 1983, Better Languages have an impressive client base, having worked with popular brands, Mothercare, New Look and Debenhams among many others. Directors, Mike and Bea Hunter recently made the transition from a physical office to an online one and required cloud voice services.

Better Languages have been with Gradwell since 2018 as a hosted PBX customer.

The challenge

Strong business communications is essential to Better Languages as they work with a range of global clients from all around the world. Moving from a physical space to an online presence meant that they needed an integrated phone system that they could use from anywhere and make calls to anywhere.

Mike Hunter, Director of Better Languages said that this was their main concern when looking for a phone system: “Telephony is key to our business. We work with a range of global clients, helping them to translate text for formal documents, marketing, labels and websites in over 60 different languages – so communication really is key. Making sure our clients can contact us, no matter where we are, is one of the building blocks to our business growth and success.”

Having been a Gradwell customer for over 2 years, Better Languages decided to find a solution to this dilemma through Gradwell.

The solution

Better Languages approached us looking for a phone system with a focus on flexibility and customer service: “The most important feature for us was the flexibility to work from anywhere. We sold our offices about 18 months ago and moved to a purely online business so wanted to make sure there was no impact to our customers.”

Following discussions about what they needed in a phone system, we recommended a hosted PBX to solve their problems. Gradwell offer 3CX and our latest product Wave, a hosted VoIP phone system, created, designed and run by Gradwell. Hosted PBX offers the flexibility that Better Languages were looking for. A key aspect of hosted PBX is the innovative call features that comes with it, which helped improve Better Languages’ connectivity and customer service.

Mike and Bea split their time between the UK and Spain. Better Languages were still running and managing their business while in Spain and were looking to add an extension to their Spanish residence, while keeping the same phone number: “This technology has enabled us to keep the same phone number but work anywhere. We have a flat in Spain and work there for 3 months a year and the rest of our time is here in the UK. We got tired of carting a VoIP phone backwards and forwards, so we added an extra line. Spain is now an extension on our phone system!”

“Our Gradwell phone system enables us to give amazing flexibility to our international employees. Having been with Gradwell for over 2 years, their on-boarding and support has always been simple and clear.”

Mike Hunter

With Gradwell services, Better Languages have strengthened their communications and customer service, while splitting their time between Spain and the UK. Mike’s last thoughts were:

“Since moving to an online business, my partner and I have split our time between Spain and the UK, with no changes to how we run our business. Our Gradwell phone system enables us to give amazing flexibility to our international employees, as they can visit home for a few days and then work for a week or two from there to make the most out of their trips.”

During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses experienced difficulties with their business communications. This wasn’t the case for Better Languages. Mike told us: “One great thing about the Gradwell system is that we were fully prepared, even with a member of staff stuck abroad. With internet access, they were able to use our phone system and work as normal, including making outgoing calls on our Nottingham number.”

While lockdown has been disruptive, Better Languages remarked that their phone system helped keep their business resilient as the technology enabled them to work from anywhere.

“It really facilities working from home. I spoke with one of our suppliers who has a traditional office and phone system. In lockdown, they are having to divert to a single mobile and get staff to call clients back. They also have the hassle of having to mask their personal mobile numbers.

“If you contrast that with us – we have the functionality of a phone network and can transfer the phone between staff. We have the continuity of everyone still being contactable on our main phone number. We have been able to carry on as normal with literally no interruption to service.”

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