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The customer

Apricot Accounting are a small accounting firm, helping a broad range of customers throughout the UK. Focused on small enterprises, Apricot Accounting offer personal accounting services, including financial advice, tax planning and payroll services, bookkeeping and company formation plans to their clients.

Based in the UK and India, Apricot Accounting pride themselves in offering an expert and personal service, tailored to their clients’ needs.

Apricot Accounting have been with Gradwell since 2015 as a multi-user VoIP customer.

The challenge

Apricot Accounting’s main concerns when looking for a phone system was to ensure they were communicating clearly and quickly with their clientele. Many of their services are tailored to a customer’s needs, so they were looking for an integrated phone system that they could personalise and send calls through to the relevant departments.

Brian Ash, Director of Apricot Accounting said: “Telephony is very important to us. We’re speaking to people all the time. We wanted to be able to get back to people within half an hour, so our customers know that we care.”

Based in Essex, Brian and the team were also looking for help setting up extensions and international calling when they opened a second office in India: “I set up an office in India, as one of my former colleagues moved there and we were both intent on still working together. I needed a phone system to work between both our UK and India offices, without costing a fortune.”

The solution

Apricot Accounting approached Gradwell, looking for a phone system with a focus on customer service and a way to connect their multiple offices. Following discussions surrounding costs and the specific features that Apricot Accounting were looking for, we recommended a VoIP phone system.

Brian found that this offered clear call quality for both UK and India offices, multiple extension lines, call routing and personalised features: “I found Gradwell completely by accident. I was searching for a VoIP phone system and Gradwell came up! The quality of connectivity is excellent. My colleague in India connected to the phone system the second she arrived at the new office. Without this capability from Gradwell, this operation wouldn’t have worked.”

Gradwell helped set up extension lines and hunt groups for Apricot Accounting. Brian agreed that these were extremely important features for the firm, so they could better direct their customers to the relevant help and support departments: “Gradwell set up our extension numbers and hunt groups so incoming calls go through to both our offices, specific departments and help desks.”

“We wouldn’t have expanded without Gradwell and VoIP. I’m still amazed that setting up an international operation and connecting our offices worked so quickly.”

Brian Ash

With Gradwell VoIP services, Apricot Accounting strengthened their customer service with their tailored phone system and clear call quality, while also staying connected and running a bigger enterprise with their second office in India.

“We were a small firm but with Gradwell’s help, we have become a global operation. We wouldn’t have expanded without Gradwell and VoIP. I’m still amazed that setting up an international operation and connecting our offices worked so quickly.

Gradwell has given me a system that has never failed. They offer first-rate service and have always helped us. Whatever we need, we just phone them, and it gets set up within a matter of minutes. Whether it’s my invoices or setting things up, Gradwell have always helped me. 11/10!”

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