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AFP Technology offer a professional and tailored range of IT support solutions and excel on delivering a customer focused end-to-end experience. With over 40 years of combined knowledge, their expertise covers a range of IT and telecoms services, including Office 365, security and threat detection, disaster recovery, software and coding, infrastructure, managed print and document management.

George Thorpe and Ben Newall, two of the Directors of AFP Technology and their team of experts are dedicated to helping companies transition to a new provider and services as seamlessly as possible. While founded on supplying mainly IT managed services, they decided to add telecoms to their portfolio and chose Gradwell as a partner.

AFP Technology have been Gradwell wholesale partners since 2019, supplying their customers with 3CX VOIP services, in addition to other IT support solutions they offer.

AFP Technology & 3CX

The main focus for AFP Technology was to offer products and services to their clients that add value with a smooth and seamless onboarding plan. With a wide range of clients with multiple sites and users, AFP Technology were looking for a product that would be able to accommodate and support businesses of any sector, irrelevant of size or geographical location.

3CX is an open standard, software-based VoIP phone system based on the SIP standard. It works with a large range of hardware, web browser-based extensions and mobile apps. George told us:

“We chose 3CX as our VoIP platform because we found it to be feature rich and flexible for a large range of our customers. Our offering is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and so clients can access their system from anywhere. Many of our clients have become especially fond of the 3CX smartphone app and the functionality that offers.”

More recently, AFP Technology have been working with a large franchise who have a greater requirement for telecom solutions which cater to a growing number of users. This organisation was also looking for the ability to merge and integrate their solutions into one system. AFP Technology deployed 3CX for them due to its flexibility and ease of use but also, so they can make and log calls, keep track of interactions and records from any channel. Popular CRMs like HubSpot and ZOHO can be integrated with 3CX server-side with no plugins or manual configuration required.

“More recently, we have worked with one customer that uses HubSpot as their CRM and the 3CX integration with this platform has proved invaluable to them.”

We asked George how 3CX has helped their team and company achieve their goals and objectives. The consensus was that it gave them the freedom to remain a trusted company that offers tailored solutions to their client base, with smooth onboarding and reliability.

“We’re able to provide a quantifiable and stable service to our clients which is a vital component of delivery. We’re not just a ‘sell and run’ company. We want custom for life and to ensure the key decision makers never need to review or question what we provide. This not only enables us to onboard companies smoothly but also sustain the service without requiring justification of the ongoing monthly expense they pay.”

AFP Technology & Gradwell

Gradwell & AFP Technology have been working together for the past 2 years, offering support and products for their clients. They were not only looking for a partner but a wealth of knowledge and guidance.

We welcomed them into our partner-programme, assigned them an account manager and began working with them to offer products that were aligned with their company ethos. When asked how selling our products helped AFP Technology, George said:

“The services purchased from Gradwell enable AFP Technology to be very market competitive. In our first months, when initially reviewing several mainstream providers, we relied heavily on cost. Gradwell provided the best package for the price and have since proven the service element is also worthy.”

When asked how they’ve found working with the partner team at Gradwell, George remarked that they’d leaned on the team for advice and support surrounding the telecoms industry from time to time. Combining our knowledge on telecoms with AFP Technology’s extensive experience on IT meant that as a team, together we could provide AFP Technology’s customers with reliable, flexible and feature-rich solutions.

“We feel the team at Gradwell are invested in our future and this goes a long way.”

George Thorpe

The partnership between Gradwell and AFP Technology has been beneficial for both parties. We hope to continue our work together long into the future.

“We have a great deal of experience when dealing with suppliers. Dealing with Pierre and the partner team has given us a feeling of trust. There will always be problems with any service and when this happens, he is always easy to contact and quick to help us with a resolution. If he can’t, he drives a resolution behind the scenes, and we are soon contacted back by the right person.”

“We are a growing company but still reasonably small, but this doesn’t seem to give any reduction in service level. We feel the team at Gradwell are invested in our future and this goes a long way. I doubt we could replace what we have built with any other supplier and we would be unlikely to ever move.”

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