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The partner

Abussi Ltd are cloud-tech specialists and IT consultants that offer IT services to small and local businesses. Based in Birmingham, Abussi offers IT and telephony services including off-site back up, cloud services, hosted Exchange, UC-Lync, file storage and telecom services. With an annual turnover of £250,000, Abussi delivers solutions for a broad range of sectors including architects, accountants, insurance brokers and interior design companies.

Abussi has been working with Gradwell since 2012.

The challenge

Connectivity and calls were Abussi’s main focus when looking for a partnership with Gradwell. Abussi approached us with the goal of converting 60-65% of their current clients over to VoIP services and to grow their business by 10-15% within a 12-month period.

Craig Sharp, Owner and Founder of Abussi Ltd said: “Gradwell was one of the first of its kind to offer easily purchasable VoIP services. We wanted to offer this to our clients, so we implemented a completely new VoIP system internally for our own use first. Abussi has deployed Gradwell phone systems ever since.”

Abussi Ltd tried out Gradwell’s VoIP product within their own organisation first to better understand the features and setup of the system. After experiencing the benefits of the system, Abussi became a partner with Gradwell and began selling our hosted VoIP solutions.

The solution

Gradwell provides Abussi with the scope to offer a broader range of services, grow their client-base and up-sell their services. For example, a fully hosted VoIP phone system reduced the long-term communication costs for one Abussi client by 35% in comparison to the existing system they already had.

Craig remarked: “Gradwell has enabled us to up-sell and make 35-40% of our clients ‘more sticky’. Once we have proposed and installed VoIP to customers, we then set about suggesting other IT services and vice-versa.”

“Nine out of ten of our clients are better suited to Gradwell’s solutions. Gradwell’s functionality and cost of VoIP solutions enable us to show our clients that a flexible telephone system with clever features is affordable.”

Craig Sharp

Since 2012, Abussi and Gradwell have been working together to supply customers with hosted VoIP products and solutions. Abussi have found that with Gradwell’s support and innovative features, they have been able to give their clients affordable and functional telephone systems while growing their customer base at the same time.

Craig told us: “Nine out of ten of our clients are better suited to Gradwell’s solutions. Though there is nothing inherently wrong with more basic products, they only deliver 25% of the system functionality that Gradwell’s feature-rich solution offers. The functionality and cost of VoIP solutions from Gradwell enables us to show our clients that a flexible telephone system with clever features is affordable – it’s a no brainer.”

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