Gradwell Joins ‘Fit to Switch’ as a National Champion

Bath, UK, January 2024.

The PSTN switch-off is the biggest change to telecoms since the launch of the internet, but the challenge facing the industry is that many businesses still don’t know it’s coming, with millions of companies still relying on the old copper network.

To help address this challenge and raise awareness, Comms Business has launched ‘Fit to Switch’. Fit to Switch is an independent trusted voice for UK businesses, consumers & media, which aims to help customers be better informed, get prepared for the switch-off, and keep their customers satisfied. The initiative has been created in partnership with leading suppliers across the telecommunications industry so that more businesses are ready for 2025 when UK telephony and connectivity moves to an all-IP network.


What is a Fit to Switch Authorised Provider

‘Fit to Switch’ is the national brand and stamp of approval that businesses can look for when seeking a provider to help them to migrate their communications and IT assets over to a future-proofed connection.

Fit To Switch authorised providers are approved industry experts with experience in supporting businesses making the transition from PSTN services. They can help you enhance your broadband network infrastructure, as well as your voice and data services to the new national IP-only network.

Authorised providers like Gradwell can also help businesses gain an advantage by preparing as early as possible, primarily by helping them reduce the risk of falling into an ever-growing bottleneck for services in 2024. Later in the year, suppliers anticipate that there will be a huge increase in demand for services such as VoIP service migrations, number porting, and engineering. Working with a Fit to Switch authroised providers can help businesses understand the benefits of making the move sooner, such as consolidating suppliers, reducing costs, and future-proofing their solutions.



Why Gradwell support this initiative

Uptake of all-IP services has been slow so far, as nearly 2.4 million UK Businesses still rely on PSTN or ISDN services, despite time running out until the full switch-off. Several exchanges across the UK will be switched off this year as part of a pilot by Openreach. This presents is a huge challenge for the industry to support the millions of businesses who are yet to upgrade their communications or connectivity. As IP-based solutions take centre stage, the need for experienced suppliers that can not only enable seamless transitions but also help to raise awareness of the change becomes crucial.

Gradwell have been champions of the SME market since our inception 25 years ago when we launched the UK’s first VoIP services. We have a huge amount of experience serving this market and we believe we are uniquely positioned to help more SME’s make the move to IP. We believe that the Fit to Switch campaign is an excellent opportunity to help customers of all sizes, in all industries to better understand the upcoming changes and to get prepared sooner rather than later.

“We are thrilled to be one of Fit to Switch’s National Champions. Not only is the switch-off now less than 2 years’ away, but we’re passionate about the opportunities to be gained by businesses transitioning sooner. We’re delivering these solutions to thousands of organisations already and they’re really seeing the benefit. We look forward to working with Fit to Switch to raise awareness and help others transform for the better.” – Amy Walker, Marketing Director, Gradwell.

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