What is Wave? A Buyer’s Guide

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Wave is our very own affordable, powerful and intuitive cloud phone system that’s designed to help your business work from anywhere. 

Enabling your workforce to succeed shouldn’t be difficult. What does that require? Fuss-free technology that is always available, easy to use and keeps you connected with your customers. 

Built with modern-day working in mind, Wave is designed to make doing business easier. We understand what matters when it comes to VoIP phone systems and have created a solution that addresses those challenges for businesses of all sizes.  

The result of over 15 years’ experience in developing cutting-edge VoIP solutions for UK businesses, Wave has been developed to use the full power of Amazon Web Services hosting for superior reliability and scalability. 

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Why is Wave different?

With Wave on your side, you will solve problems faster, communicate effectively, and benefit from collaboration like never before. The Wave solution helps you to reduce costs, save time, and seamlessly integrate hybrid and remote working into your business. What’s more, Wave users will benefit from all the following features: 

Get more for less 
A wide range of out of the box features such as Call Recording, In-depth User Management and Advanced Call Routing. Wave is also available on your desktop, mobile, and selected handsets, making it accessible anywhere. 

Ease of validation 
Test new call routing setups and check call charges before changes go live or costs are incurred. 

Advanced reporting 
Always stay in control with Wave’s advanced reporting features. Call volume and user-based reports for both inbound and outbound calling allow you to easily view all your data in one place. 

Instinctive management options 
With a range of intuitive and useful settings to minimise the admin and management burden making moves, adds and changes simple and quick 

Instant access to new features 
The impressive roadmap and rapid development timelines mean regular new feature additions as part of existing subscriptions. 

Security and peace of mind 
Data is transmitted securely thanks to Secure and Reliable Signalling (TLS) and Encrypted Media (SRTP). Call barring and daily spend alerts can also be configured for additional peace of mind. 

Developed and supported in the UK 
Wave was designed and developed by an entirely UK based engineering team. It is hosted in AWS UK data centres and supported by teams in Leeds and Bath.  

What's Included?

We want our customers to succeed, which is why every Wave subscription includes the following:

Landline and mobile minute bundles 

Full access to all call management and admin features 

Softphone and browser calling abilities 

Video calling 

Control Panel 
A key feature of the Wave platform is the easy-to-use control panel, which allows you to configure your call settings and administer users within seconds.   

Wave’s advanced Hunt Group and Call Queue functionality provides the ability to create and manage complex call routing via a simple interface, meaning calls will always end up going to the right person in your business.  

Combining usage notifications with our Billing & Invoicing features means you’re always up-to-date and in control of your next monthly bill, with all the important information displayed on your Control Panel.  

Wave enables you to scale your solution to match your business’s needs. User Management allows you to add, delete and edit your users’ settings, giving you maximum flexibility to administrate how the system is used. Our Bulk User Upload feature also allows you to upload multiple users in one go, meaning large organisations can start using Wave within minutes.   

Allow team leaders to unlock their team’s full potential with interactive Call Reporting within Wave. View in-depth and real-time statistics from within the control panel. Monitoring and reporting on your PBX has never been easier. 

Wave Teams+ 
The pandemic has given rise to an increase in remote and hybrid working, with many businesses forced to leave the office and work from home. While many have ended up returning, it’s clear that the trend of flexible working is here to stay. With this in mind, it is important for businesses to have a phone system that enables unified communications. 

Microsoft Teams has revolutionised business communications and has been adopted by thousands of businesses to support the rise of remote and hybrid working. However, although it has some phone system features, it is not as effective at handling communications with customers, suppliers, and external parties as a fully featured cloud-based VoIP phone system.  

Our newly launched integration brings together the best of both worlds; market-leading collaboration from Teams with the affordable and intuitive Wave phone system. With Wave Teams +, remote and hybrid working is now easier than ever. 

Benefits of combining Teams with Wave: 

Inbound calls on Wave ring through to your Teams client 

Effectively manage calls using Wave routing options 

Make outbound calls directly from your Teams client with control of number presentation 

Connect your non-Teams users with your Teams users 

Maintain call insights and reporting functions 

Securely managed call recording 

Want a demo of how it works?

If you would like to find out more about Wave or request a quote, then use the button below to talk to one of our friendly team members. 

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