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The customer

iD Creative Design is a professional graphic design and branding studio that specialises in branding, advertising, digital and print design for businesses. Jane Anson and Nick Page have extensive experience in graphic design and a strong branding knowledge that they use to build and develop businesses’ creative strategies. Based in Worcestershire, iD Creative Design help small to medium sized businesses based in Worcestershire, Herefordshire and the West Midlands with their design services.

iD Creative Design have been Gradwell customers since 2012, using our VoIP services, including the Gradwell softphone app.

The challenge

As a small design studio and local business, iD Creative Design were looking for an additional phone line and number to represent their business that was simple and easy to use. We asked Jane about the importance of telephony for iD Creative Design and she told us: “It’s good to offer an additional phone line to direct clients or enquires for both in and out of office hours. We like to keep things simple and having a portable number meant we didn’t need to keep clients updated.”

In addition to a VoIP phone line and hardware for the office, iD Creative Design were looking for a way to stay connected to the office while working from home during lockdown: “It’s very important for us to keep a consistent business phone number so clients know they have the correct number.”

Having been a Gradwell VoIP customer for several years, Jane asked us about setting up an extension for the softphone app to continue to make smooth business calls while working away from the office.

The solution

Gradwell set up the softphone app with a handset for iD Creative Design before lockdown. When Jane and Nick made the transition to remote working, we redirected it so they could still use the office VoIP phone line and number while at home. “I didn’t want to use the home number as I wanted to keep business separate and not answer the phone out of hours. The beauty of having this number means it can be transferred wherever we’re working, and clients still pay the same. Gradwell’s help desk talked me through the whole process.”

The softphone has been particularly helpful for Jane during isolation as it’s easy to use, can be taken with you wherever you go and still uses the same business number. “I can use it very easily on my mobile. This and the VoIP line has helped reassure people that we’re open as usual. Our business doesn’t have to be fixed to one location. The answerphone message was linked to our account not the handset, so I didn’t need to change anything!”

“I have used Gradwell for 8 years and the customer support has always been consistent over this time. I would recommend Gradwell to any SME business no matter their size.”

Jane Anson

As a Gradwell customer since 2012, Jane has had a positive experience with Gradwell’s service and support team every time.

“Gradwell was recommended by a friend years ago. The customer support team are always professional, friendly and helpful to resolve the few technical issues I’ve encountered.”

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