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The customer

Electropages Media is a digital media marketing agency that delivers various services like SEO, web design, digital marketing, AR/VR, video, and associated services to their clients. Electropages Media’s mission is to provide the Electronics & Engineering industries with the very latest media and digital technology.

Electropages Media Limited has been a Gradwell customer since 2012 as a 3CX customer, using our SIP Trunks, Leased Line and 3CX services.

The challenge

As a provider of digital media and marketing agency that provides services to other businesses, it’s important for Electropages Media to have reliable and strong communications so they’re always accessible to their customers.

Jon Musselwhite, Desktop Engineer Lead at Electropages Media remarked that: “As with any company, telephony is critical. However, it is becoming more critical to Electropages Media as we grow and expand. We need to be able to reach out to our clients and have them be able to reach us as and when they need us. If this interaction fails it reflects on us, not the provider.”

Electropages Media were looking for services that could handle their growing traffic both in and out of their offices. Specifically, they were looking for a system that required minimal on-site management and a smooth migration from their old system to their new system.

The solution

When Electropages Media approached Gradwell, we investigated their business requirements, including the size of the business and number of employees: “Electropages Media have about 25 3CX users. This is not our full employee count, but we are growing.” 

After looking into the number of users and type of connectivity they were looking for, Gradwell suggested provisioning 3CX services. Gradwell are an official 3CX solution provider, helping setup and onboard customers with our dedicated SIP Trunks.

When asked about the setup process, Jon told us that: “We found the adoption and deployment process of 3CX fairly easy. Once the process was understood it went well with the help of Gradwell’s Technical Sales team.”

Along with 3CX, Electropages Media are currently in the process of provisioning a Leased Line with Gradwell to handle their growing traffic in and out of their offices to better handle their clients requests: “We were looking for an established platform and ability to grow with additional functionality for diverse teams as needed. We were already a customer with Gradwell, but we decided to stay as Gradwell offered a seamless transition of phone services.”

“Gradwell are providing the backbone of what we need to operate, along with support framework to help us in times of need. In short; our experience has been terrific.”

Jon Musselwhite

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, communication and telephony have become vital in the current climate. Electropages have been taking full advantage of the power and features of 3CX.

“Being in lockdown, the office is virtually empty. But at this early stage the users in the office have not noticed a difference, which is a good thing, meaning the transition was seamless from a user perspective. 

We took the cloud-based solution hosted by yourselves so from that angle you handled everything. Due to the lockdown we managed the reconfiguration of our desk phones with guidance and help from your technical support staff who were knowledgeable, friendly, and more than happy to help.”

Electropages Media have been a customer with Gradwell for several years and have found us as a vital asset to their company’s infrastructure. Jon found the technical and support teams extremely helpful and friendly with setting up and solving issues with their phone system:

“Gradwell are providing the backbone of what we need to operate, along with support framework to help us in times of need. Recently we have had a number of account-related questions, and each time the support staff were fast to help and reply. 

The cost was also competitive in the current climate. In short; our experience has been terrific. Each time I have phoned or emailed in a query I have gotten the answer and solution I need in a timely manner.”

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