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A VoIP phone system for SMEs and startups.

Introducing Wave

Purpose built for SMEs and growing companies, Wave is a cloud phone system that’s perfect for remote working.

Wave Softphones
PC Pro

Trusted by thousands

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Simple to manage

Easy management and configuration using our all-in-one control panel.


Built for remote teams

Get your remote team connected within just 4 hours.

“If you’re looking for the smoothest possible transition to VoIP, Wave has you covered.”

PC Pro

Our Packages

New: Wave zero

Tariff only (no inclusive minutes)



per month/per user

12 months

*Up to 10 users, customer must complete purchase by May 31st 2020. Max daily spend limit may apply. Cannot be combined with any other packages.

Wave 100

100 landline or mobile minutes


£10 £6

per month/per user

24 months

Wave 1000

1000 landline or mobile minutes



per month/per user

24 months

Wave 3000

3000 landline or mobile minutes



per month/per user

24 months

All packages include:

Easy setup and configuration with a personal control panel

Get setup in no time, with step-by-step support from our team

Make and receive calls from almost any device

Use with purpose-built Android and iOS mobile apps

Packed with features

From flexibility to resilience, we’ve designed Wave to help SMEs get more from their phone system.

Call recording

Custom hold music

Intelligent call routing

Virtual receptionist

HD audio

Voicemail to email

Custom voicemail

Multi-device access


Take your business line anywhere

Use our purpose-built softphone app to make and receive business calls on any device – anywhere in the world.

Enable remote working with our 24 hours set-up

Select your own professional numbers

Use on a mix of desktop, tablet and mobile devices

Get started with ease

With out-of-the-box setup and support from our specialist UK-based team, we’ll have you up and running in no time.

Plug and play integration with supported phones

Personal support and on-boarding from our UK team

Get set-up in 24 hours with our softphone app

Cloud phone systems
control panel

Stay in control

The Wave control panel helps you change configurations, users and setup in seconds.

Manage any aspect of your system from the cloud

No technical knowledge required

Constantly updated with new features and functionality

Reliability powered by cutting-edge technology

Using the full power of Amazon Web Services (AWS), our software automatically scales to meet demand, meaning greater reliability – however many people use Wave.

Not dependent on other platform providers

Highly resilient, supported by Amazon Web Services

Automatically scales to meet demand

opus codec

Crystal-clear call quality


Wave uses the latest digital codecs from Opus to bring true HD quality to every call.

High quality calls

Extremely low delay

Improved international calling

Handsets and hardware

All our handsets and devices come pre-configured and ready to make and receive calls with Wave.


Yealink T19



Yealink T42S



Yealink T46S



Yealink CP920



Yealink CP960


All devices above use Power over Ethernet (PoE). If you’re not sure if you have this available on your existing network, just let us know below.


What’s the difference between Wave and my current onsite PBX?
Wave is a cloud phone system (or a "hosted phone system"). This means all the software that runs it is based in a data centre, with calls being delivered into your office via an internet connection. This removes the need for a local PBX on site, which helps to offer additional flexibility.
How do I set up additional users for my business?
Simply give our team a call on 01225 800800 and they can set up extra users in a matter of minutes.
Can I transfer my existing business number to Gradwell?
As long as we have a porting agreement in place with your current provider, we will be able to move over your current telephone numbers. Our experienced team will complete the necessary porting documentation and manage the order through to completion.
Can you help with residential numbers and lines?
Sorry! We currently only supply voice and data services to businesses and partners.
Can I make and receive calls on my mobile phone?
You will have access a ‘soft phone’ which is an app installed on your mobile phone. This will allow you to access all the features from your office phone and make calls from your office number.
Can Wave support multiple sites?
Provided each of your sites has an internet connection, you will be able to utilise our cloud phone system across your business premises.

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