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The customer lists gorgeous holiday properties across France, putting holidaymakers directly in touch with owners. Unlike some larger sites, they don’t charge any booking fee – the relationship is direct between the owner and the guest. With a focus purely on France, Gites aim to provide the best place to search for and book independent holiday accommodation across the country. are a direct customer with Gradwell, using our Multi-user VoIP services.

The challenge

Gites connect guests directly with owners, so it’s important for holidaymakers to be able to contact an owner with an enquiry or booking directly. The experience must be seamless between the two parties.

Gites needed a solution that put guests in contact with owners and demonstrated to customers that their business was adding value by keeping owners’ numbers free from spam calls. They also needed the phone calls to be trackable.

Duncan Pollard, Owner of Gites, chose Gradwell’s AGI Routing service to address this problem.

The solution

Gradwell’s service really came into its own when Gites was considering how to handle phone call tracking without being intrusive. Although the standard control panel couldn’t provide what they needed, the AGI routing service was flexible enough that, with a bit of lateral thinking, the client and Gradwell could build a system that fulfilled all requirements.

Duncan Pollard remarked that: “We needed a very flexible solution for delivering calls from guests to owners on our site and Gradwell’s AGI routing service fitted the bill perfectly. Being able to set everything up pretty much instantly via a control panel is great because it means we can change services to fit our requirements in a matter of minutes. Adding extensions and transferring calls across remote sites to ensure everyone is in touch is really important in our business.”

With Gradwell’s AGI Routing service and some programming on the client’s side, Gites can use the service to ask guests to call their number, then enter the property reference. Gites then connect the prospective customer directly with the property owner.

“I’ve used Gradwell Communications’ services for many years, from when VOIP was far from the mature, stable technology it is today. Whether it’s for remote working, advanced call routing or just getting low call rates Gradwell has had a suitable solution.”

“Whether it’s for remote working, advanced call routing or just getting low call rates, Gradwell has a suitable solution.”

Duncan Pollard

With Gradwell’s services, Gites were able to connect guests with their owners seamlessly and cost-effectively. The system was also able to provide data insights and logging that many of Gites’ clients were looking for.

“The Gradwell solution meant that guests from the UK can call owners, who often have a French landline or mobile, for the cost of a UK local call. By using bundled minutes, the cost to the client is minimal and benefits both parties. The client can now provide comprehensive logs clearly showing owners details of the call volumes that have been generated. This ensures Gites provide value to the owners and promotes trust with marketing their property.”

When asked how guests and clients were enjoying and experiencing their new call services, Duncan Pollard responded with: “The initial response has been very positive. The service will continue to be refined as the needs of the business mature. All parties are confident that the service will continue to meet and exceed customer and market expectations.”

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