Introducing: The Partner Portal

We’ve recently revealed our latest product, Wave, a new hosted VoIP phone system designed for SMEs. In conjunction with the launch of Wave, our dedicated team of experts have been working on a portal, specifically for our channel partners. After months of developing, trialling and testing, we’re excited to finally introduce you to the Partner Portal! We feel that this is a major step forward to improving our partner experience.

What is the Partner Portal?

The Partner Portal is a partners-only service that helps our partners place orders, provide quotes and submit support tickets. Featuring a modern and easy-to-use control panel built using the power of Salesforce, the portal allows our partners to directly promote, sell, onboard and bill new customers – all from one system. 

So why have we made this? We want to give our partners more control over how they sell and support their customers. Essentially, the portal will act as an extension of our Partner team, allowing our partners to get essential tasks done and access key and up-to-date information easily and efficiently.

What can I do with the Partner Portal?

The Partner Portal offers so much more than being able to promote and sell. While this is the most important thing for partners, we wanted to make sure that they can also access our resources. You’ll have access to quoting tools, marketing collateral and in-depth knowledge and troubleshooting guides. We’ve even integrated fibre connectivity quoting, allowing you to quickly compare pricing and place orders. 

We want our portal to be the home of customer support. You’ll be able to manage any support cases and orders seamlessly. You can check the status of each order and raise any issues quickly if a problem arises.

Supervised by our team

While we want to give our partners the tools they need to get their work done, we’re also aware that if there are any issues, we’ll need to step in and help. Our Partner team will be actively monitoring updates, cases and orders so that, when needed, they can step in to assist. We’ve worked hard to create a system that increases efficiency but doesn’t remove the need for careful account management from our team.

How to get started

If you’re a partner with Gradwell, you can request to use the Partner Portal, regardless of what partner package you’re on. To get set up and find out more information, contact your account manager.  

At launch, the portal is made to integrate fully with Wave. We are currently working to integrate it with our other products for launch in the near future.

Not a Partner?

Find out more about our partner programme or talk to the team today.

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