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Wave: A New Product Designed for Partners

Soft phone app

We’ve spoken to a lot of partners over the last 8 months, and one key piece of feedback was clear; they want simplicity and products that are easy to set up, sell, support and maintain. We kept this as our overarching goal when developing Wave, our latest phone system. We’ve designed it to be a powerful, feature-filled product, while also easy to use, and even easier for our partners.

Built to take advantage of AWS

Speaking to others in the channel, a key concern was the market’s reliance on a few major players (who shall remain nameless)! We’ve built Wave on our own platform, with only Amazon Web Services as the conduit. This means we can easily scale on demand, continually developing the platform and pass on any cost savings and new features to our customers and partners.

Intuitive Partner Controls

What we’re most excited about is Wave’s dedicated partner area. Featuring a modern easy-to-use control panel built to integrate with the Salesforce ecosystem, it will allow our partners to directly promote, sell, onboard and bill new customers – all from one system. Due for launch later this year, we hope this allow our partners to gain even more flexibility and control over how they sell our products.

Great call resilience and quality

Built to scale on AWS, we’re confident that Wave will provide 99.99% uptime. Call quality – so often ignored by other providers – has also been at the forefront of how we’ve built Wave, using the latest digital codecs from Opus to bring true HD quality to calls wherever possible. This including very low latency.

A business line for anywhere

As you would expect for a modern phone system, Wave also offers instant access to an integrated softphone app which will be available on both desktop for MacOS and Windows, and on mobile and tablet through Apple Store and Google Play.

Launching officially in November, Wave will support for a range of handsets and conference phones all built to enhance business communications.

Become a Partner

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