VoIP Business Phone Features That Are Essential For Your Business  

Understanding VoIP Calling

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. With so many businesses moving their business operations to the cloud, VoIP has become an increasingly popular choice for telephony. VoIP technology allows businesses to make cost-effective phone calls over the internet through a multitude of apps and software. Even if you haven’t heard of it before, it is likely that you will have used it. Microsoft Teams uses VoIP technology, as does video calling on your mobile phone.

Before we begin the overview of the essential features that most organisations need, find out more about the basics of VoIP telephony in this guide, written by one of our in-house VoIP experts.

Essential VoIP business phone system features to look out for

VoIP telephony offers a host of exciting features that can bring your business communications into the 21st century, saving you time and money along the way. For most businesses looking to move away from hardware-based legacy PBX, the benefits of VoIP can be as simple as reducing costs, all the way through to enabling hybrid and remote working.

Amongst our key VoIP business phone system options, these are the features that are most frequently requested when we speak to our customers:

  • Call Queues – create bespoke call queues based on conditions and logic to ensure calls are routed to the correct person and no call goes unanswered
  • Hunt Groups – A hunt group is a feature in a phone system that distributes calls from a single phone number to a group of numbers in a company. Simply put, when callers ring your company phone number, the group will route the call to a group of members so they can answer the call.
  • Reporting and analytics – access call reports, analytics and stats at the touch of a button to understand call answer rates, volume of outbound calls and missed call statistics
  • Softphones and apps – take your VoIP phone system with you on the go. With softphone and app clients suitable for almost any device
  • Control panels – configure the settings for your VoIP system easily with easy to navigate control panels, within the apps and within the web clients
  • Remote working – An increasingly important feature that is enabled by all of the VoIP systems Gradwell offers. Remote and hybrid working is easier than ever to manage as your team will be able to take their extension with them from home or on the road
  • Call recording – easily record calls for quality control and training purposes
  • Caller ID – instantly see who is calling with this feature. For the VoIP services we offer, CRM integration can also be put into place to enable ‘screen pop’ to instantly connect to a contact’s CRM profile and provide an agent/user with all the information they need.

Our Offering

At Gradwell, we have two market leading VoIP solutions within our product catalogue.

3CX Phone System

3CX is one of the world’s leading VoIP phone systems. It is trusted by hundreds of thousands of organisaitons, including the likes of The NHS, Coca-Cola and American Express.

The popularity of 3CX is no surprise given how many built-in features and benefits it comes with as standard. 3CX is extremely easy to set up, all that is needed is an internet connection, a 3CX license, and a SIP Trunk. Choosing 3CX as your telephony solution means that you will be experiencing the full power of unified communications which allows businesses to have an all-in-one business communication system. 3CX enables this by to centralising all important business functions such as file transfers, video calling, internal messaging and live chat.

To find out more about The 3CX solution, please read our in-depth guide.  For further reading, find out how we installed a VoIP solution for a school in this case study.

Gradwell 3CX phone system

Wave Cloud Phone System

Wave is our very own, VoIP cloud-based phone system designed to help you and your colleagues work from anywhere. Wave is a perfect VoIP phone system for small businesses or big businesses and is packed with telephony features that will help you stay connected with your team. The easy-to-use Wave control panel gives you the ability to instantly amend configurations, add users and create call queues. The control panel also boasts an easily accessible interactive call reporting function allowing you to assess in-depth real time statistics.

Wave also possesses a brand-new Microsoft Teams integration, Wave Teams +. This new integration allows you to unify your business communications and turn Wave into your centralised communication hub.

Find out more about Wave with our comprehensive guide.

Wave CTA

Now that we have provided an overview of the essential VoIP business phone system features and suggested some of the best options on the market that provide these capabilities, reach out to our team today to discuss your options or schedule a demo.

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