Gradwell Unveils PSTN Replacement Bundle to Empower Channel Partners

Bath, UK, February 2024.

The impending PSTN switch-off demands a proactive strategy from MSPs and voice resellers. To not only migrate and retain customers, but also win new business in an ever-more competitive landscape, channel partners need to provide a PSTN replacement solution that seamlessly addresses their customers’ end-to-end needs. To help channel partners take a switch-off solution to market, Gradwell has launched a new offering that is tailored for them to thrive in the new all-IP era.


Embracing the Inevitable: The PSTN Switch-Off Challenge

The industry is at the cusp of the biggest change in a generation, as the curtain falls on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). However, uptake of all-IP services has been slow so far, as nearly 2.4 million UK businesses still rely on PSTN or ISDN services (despite there being less than 2 years to go until the big switch-off). This presents a huge opportunity for channel partners to work with the millions of businesses that are yet to upgrade their communications or connectivity.


Channel partners will play a pivotal role as intermediaries between technology providers and end-users, and they need the right combination of packaged services to meet the growing demand. Gradwell’s PSTN Replacement bundle aims to empower the channel, equipping them with the solutions and knowledge necessary to support their customers beyond 2025.


 Key Features of Gradwell’s PSTN Switch-Off Solution

It is anticipated that as we edge closer to exchange switch-off dates, the demand for simple PSTN replacement solutions will skyrocket. To meet this demand, channel partners will need solutions that are fast to deploy and simple for customers to understand, enabling them to churn out deals without requiring significant support from vendors.


Designed for MSPs and Voice Resellers, Gradwell’s PSTN Replacement bundle is a purpose-built solution for the SME market that includes voice, hardware, and connectivity. It presents an opportunity to capitalise on the PSTN switch-off and seamlessly migrate existing customers to all-IP. The package offers a streamlined migration path from PSTN to VoIP, allowing channel partners to guide their clients through the transition with minimal disruption. It includes:

  1. Future-Proof VoIP: Described by PC Pro Magazine as “the smoothest possible path to VoIP,” Wave offers end-users a hassle-free, yet feature-rich solution designed for SMEs. The solution is easy to deploy, enabling channel partners to effectively manage any increased demand.


  1. SoGEA & FTTP Broadband: Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) ensure a stable and efficient data connection, laying the foundation for a reliable network once PSTN-based services are phased out. Gradwell work with a range of suppliers to ensure the best coverage for customers. This enables channel partners to take to market a more widely available connectivity solution.


  1. Handsets: The package comes with flexible handset options to remove significant upfront costs. End customers can continue using what they already have via an ATA Adaptor if compatible, or a replacement handset can be included with the cost amortised over the contact term.


Overall, the package helps to reduce complexity for simple deployments and give end customers more for less. By providing a voice solution with all the features and functionality SME’s need within the base license, partners will be able to minimise the need for future technical and sales support post-deployment, thus retaining margin on deals. Gradwell’s solution is easy for customers to understand, easy to deploy and easy for partners to sell.


The Road Ahead for Channel Partners

As is often the case, it’s the channel that will drive adoption of PSTN replacement solutions and lead the way in addressing this change by guiding their customers through the migration required. Gradwell CEO, Jamie Ward explains;

“Channel companies should see this as an opportunity to help their customers understand their technology estate and build structured changeover plans that mean the issue is addressed sooner rather than later. “

As the industry undergoes this change, channel partners face a choice – to adapt and thrive early, or risk being left behind. With several million businesses still yet to migrate, Gradwell’s solution provides a bridge to the future of all-IP services for channel partners and their end customers.


 About Gradwell:

Gradwell have been champions of the SME market since our inception 25 years ago when we launched the UK’s first VoIP services. Our customers are all on IP services already, so we have a huge amount of experience serving this market and we believe we are uniquely positioned to help more SME’s make the move to IP through to the 2025 switch-off.


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