What voice resellers should look for when expanding their portfolio

The evolution of business communication in recent years has been enormous. With the PSTN switch off also looming, there is a huge opportunity for voice resellers to win more business, grow profitably and with ease.

The PSTN Switch Off

While the PSTN network switch off isn’t happening until December 2025, the end-of-life process is already well underway. 169 exchanges have already stopped selling ISDN lines, with the UK-wide stop sell happening in September 2023.

This won’t just affect voice services; any equipment that currently uses the PSTN will stop working (alarms, CCTV, door entry systems, EPOS machines), The ISDN will also become redundant (Integrated Services Digital Network) and broadband services such as FTTC will be phased out.

So, to fully to support your customers and continue to win new business, voice resellers need to be able to cater for all of these requirements right now.

So, what should I do?

By adding superior, more commercially disruptive communications solutions to your portfolio, you can:

  • Consolidate and future-proof your existing customers’ setup
  • Reduce costs (platform and management) and maximise margin
  • Differentiate yourselves when competing for new business
  • Provide a better service with support from the right partner

How will I support these solutions?

The right partner should operate as “an extension of your team” when it comes to pre-sales consultation, deployment and ongoing support. Technical experts are expensive to hire, so an organisation who give you access to their resources as part of the agreement is essential in terms of maximising profitability and ensuring success.

Finding the ideal technology partner

This guide from Gradwell walks you through how to choose the right partner; what their portfolio should look like, supporting services and how to differentiate yourselves for competitive advantage.

Partner Guide

Click below to download the guide

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