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What are the Ofcom end-of-contract notifications?


On the 15th February 2020, broadband, pay TV and mobile and home phone providers must notify their customers when their minimum contract period is coming to an end. This is a new legislation introduced by Ofcom to ensure both business and residential customers are getting fair deals when it comes to their contracts and services. 

What’s happening? 

In May 2019, Ofcom released a statement about upcoming rules and regulations surrounding how telecoms providers interact with their customers. Starting in February this year, providers must tell their customers when their contract is coming to an end, service changes and best tariff deals.  

According to Ofcom research, customers don’t always know when their contract ends or if they can get a better deal somewhere else. Ofcom are instating these rules so that customers and businesses are aware of cheaper services and tariffs, so they can get the best deal possible.

Ofcom are hoping that this will encourage more customers to switch to different networks and providers when their contracts expire. Along with implementing these conditions, Ofcom will also be monitoring and evaluating companies approaches to contacting their customers. 

What do Gradwell partners need to do? 

As a Gradwell partner, you are obliged to contact your customers as part of Ofcom’s new regulations. If you are on the Select Partner Programme, Gradwell will take care of this for you. If you are a Business Partner, Advanced Business Partner or a Platinum Partner, you will have to inform your customers with the information below.

You must inform your customers of: 

  • Their minimum contract end date 
  • The current services you provide them and the price they pay for these services 
  • Any changes to price and services during their contract 
  • Information about notice period for terminating their contract 
  • Details about best tariff prices and deals 

You will also need to send out an annual notification to each customer that remains out of contract. You will need to inform them once a year about the tariff they’re on, the best tariff available and how to cancel or change their contract.

Helpful information

Providers must tell residential and small businesses 10-40 days before their contract ends. This can be by text, email or letter. For business customers, providers can be more flexible and judge when to notify, on a business-by-business basis. 

These rules apply to contracts that have a minimum 6-month term. 1-month contracts aren’t included. 

Still unsure what to do? Our Partner team is happy to help you.

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What are the Ofcom end-of-contract notifications?

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