New Gradwell Teams integration promises market differentiation opportunities for resellers

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Gradwell Communications has launched a new Microsoft Teams integration for its Wave cloud phone system to make remote working easier for businesses and allow resellers to differentiate their customer offer.

The new Wave Teams+ integration combines the collaboration benefits of Microsoft Teams with Gradwell’s Wave cloud phone system, designed to help businesses work from anywhere.

Gradwell says that as well as helping customers overcome the feature limitations of Microsoft Teams, the new integration will enable partners to differentiate themselves in the market: “Historically, to integrate Teams with a cloud phone system, resellers would have to choose between cloud PBX or Teams Direct Routing, making it difficult to provide a unique offering to their customers,” says Head of Product, Darren Standing.

“Whilst Microsoft Teams has some phone system features, it is not as effective at handling communications with customers, suppliers, and other external parties. The latest Wave update bridges this gap. seamless integration between Microsoft Teams users and standard telephony users keeping all your teams in touch with each other.”

He says Wave Teams+ also removes unnecessary telephony costs, as there is no longer a need for customers to have an additional Direct Routing product or integrate their current PBX with Teams: “There is a large ecosystem of solutions to delivering PSTN calls to Teams, but we are enabling people to fully reintegrate their employees and get back the level of service and cost control they desire while securing their communications and delivering the insights they need to manage remote and onsite workforces.”

Wave Teams+ enables users to take inbound and make outbound calls on Wave through Teams, manage calls using Wave options, connect Teams and non-Teams users, maintain call insights and reporting functions, and manage call recording.

Darren adds: “Teams has allowed businesses to quickly adapt to remote and hybrid working. It has presented challenges too, such as cost and technical limitations which have led to the disconnection of some employees. Wave Teams+ tackles these issues and delivers a high-quality service at an attractive price point.”


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