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Our Top VoIP for business packages

VoIP Phone Systems, Services and Plans for your Business

Our award-winning business cloud telephony services ensure that you’re available to your customers, wherever you are, and whenever they need you.

What’s more, we’re over 18p per minute cheaper than BT for standard peak rate UK geo calls* – and our access charges to 084, 087, 09 and 118 calls are over 13p per minute cheaper than BT.

Top Seller

£20per month, per user
  • 3000 Landline & 1000 Mobile
  • 24 month Contract
  • UK Support
  • FREE T19P Desktop phone

Single User VoIP

  • Single User VoIP
  • Free mobile phone app
  • UK Support

Multi user VoIP

  • Multi user VoIP
  • Free mobile phone app
  • UK Support


Best Business ITSP (£2m-£10m) - WINNER copy
CNA finalist 2018



Minute Bundle Charges

Per Second Billing. At Gradwell we know our customers expect outstanding ROI for their services. With this in mind, we have always provided per second billing for both our local and international calls. Why do we do this? It’s simple. We don’t want our customers to pay for what they don’t use. We want our customers to be billed accurately for only the calls they make.

For example, a typical 130 second call with Gradwell is 2.71p compared to BT PAYG at 81p
and TalkTalk Business at 24.5p.

We have, and always will, work hard to keep your costs down to ensure you can be there for your customers, wherever you are and whenever they need you.

Call Type PPM Peak* PPM Off-peak PPM Weekend
Geographic (01, 02, 03) 1.25p 1p 1p
Mobile** 9p 8p 6p
Premium Mobile 07520, 07744, 07755, 078222, 074416, 07777, 078228 20p 20p 20p
Isle of Man 6p 4p 4p
Geographic Islands (Jersey/Guernsey) 3p 2p 2p
Directory Enquiries dependent on route, contact us to establish exact cost

Benefits of Gradwell’s VoIP Telephony Services

  • Reduced phone bills with a flat monthly fee
  • Greater working flexibility
  • Keep in touch with your customers wherever you are
  • Free on-boarding service
  • Voice menus, hunt call groups and voicemail-to-email services
  • Reduction in multi-site costs – use our cloud-based system at all your business locations, with free calls between sites too
  • It’s simple to use and quick to set up
  • You can control your settings, users and call routing instantly online
  • FREE calls within the Gradwell network

With your business VoIP you’ll enjoy increased efficiency, greater customer satisfaction and the peace of mind to focus on your wider business operations.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Gradwell’s VoIP telephone services allows you to make low cost calls over the internet, using a variety of different networks and operators so you can connect with members of staff, clients and customers across the globe cost-effectively and efficiently.

When you use VoIP your voice is converted into digital information which is then transmitted in as data over the internet, unlike the way traditional phone lines work via a local phone provider. This makes VoIP a much more convenient and cost effective way to communicate.

Benefits of using VoIP?

One of the largest benefits of using a VoIP telephony service is that you can talk to anyone, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. If you’re a business owner, VoIP enables you to call long distance, local, mobile and international numbers with ease, helping you to expand and grow your business.

Do you have friends or family abroad that you wish to stay in touch with? VoIP is a cost-effective way of keeping in touch. VoIP makes contacting businesses, suppliers, friends or family anywhere around the world whilst keeping the costs extremely low. Gradwell VoIP allows you to make calls via your PC, MAC, VoIP phone, including through other portable devices like iPads and tablets.

Do I need Single User or Multi-user VoIP?

Single VoIP User

A single set up is most beneficial for people who are just establishing their business or are self-employed/sole traders. It will help to improve your business presence, give you the option to keep in touch with customers wherever you are, which is essential for those who are working alone, and be much cheaper than using traditional telephone services.


Multi User VoIP

If you’re a small business owner this is by far the best option for you. Our multi user VoIP package is perfect for small businesses looking for more flexibility if you have multiple sites for example. Calling between your multiple sites is free and you can host large calls with multiple users without it being expensive. With voice menus, hunt call groups and voicemail-to-email services available, there are plenty more service options to make your business communications much simpler and effective using VoIP.


What VoIP Add-Ons Available?

Memorable VoIP Numbers – having a highly memorable VoIP phone number can be advantageous. With VoIP, this can be organised for you to ensure that your business has a catchy combination of digits.

  • Call Recording – for those important VoIP calls you might need to listen to over again to check you’ve got all the important details.
  • International Numbers – a great asset for those businesses who are global or looking to expand overseas.
  • Call Forwarding Services- never miss a VoIP call again keeping your customers or clients happy.
  • Fax-to-email Services – Still using Fax? Send and receive faxes via email.


With so many ways to enhance your communications by configuring your VoIP calling services, if you can’t find something you’re looking for, please contact one of our team.

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