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Cancellation Form

By submitting this cancellation form, you acknowledge and agree with the following:

1. All cancellations of services are subject to a 30 day notice period. The cancellation of your specified service(s) will take effect after 30 days from when Gradwell successfully receives your correctly completed cancellation form.

2. Save as provided in paragraph 3, below, Gradwell gives no undertaking, warranty or assurance in relation to any attempts to revoke a cancellation. Any revocation of a cancellation shall be entirely at Gradwell’s discretion and may be subject to additional charges.

3. DSL broadband services have a 7 day cooling off period, meaning you can validly revoke a cancellation within 7 days of submitting the cancellation form. The cooling off period shall start from the day the MAC is provided to you. If you wish to revoke your DSL cancellation during the cooling off period, please update the incident ticket in the first instance. If you have received no response within 2 hours, please contact the Gradwell support team on 01225 800888 to ensure your request has been received.

4. All services are subject to the minimum contract period. Any services which are cancelled within this period will incur a cancellation fee (this being the sum of the relevant Gradwell charges for the service during the remainder of the minimum contract period).

5. Should you wish to cancel or close your account, all invoices must be paid up until the end of the relevant notice period. Any questions relating to charges or invoices must be updated on the cancellation incident ticket.

6. All completed cancellation forms must be sent from the master email address of the relevant Gradwell account to In the event you do not have access to this, you may fax the completed form on business headed paper to 01225800801. No other form of communication will be accepted for cancellations.

7. The cancellation of a hosting service will also remove any content associated with it. Gradwell may be able to provide a backup of content for a short period after cancellation, but Gradwell gives no undertaking, warranty or assurance in this regard. If any data restoration is possible, it will be subject to an additional fee.

8. Only telephone numbers which are live and in service are capable of being ported. If you wish to port your telephone number(s) away from Gradwell, please arrange to do so before you cancel the relevant service and/or account. For more information, please click here.

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