Specialist press from across the globe have been “VoIPing” their thoughts about VoIP, highlighting the many benefits that that the Internet telephone system can offer small to medium businesses.

First up, the US’s very own Internet Telephony magazine ran a feature about the confidence American businesses have in VoIP.

Executive editor of IP Communications magazine Paula Bernier includes in her feature that, “Voice Over IP is a beautiful thing. It means lower costs, increased flexibility and more features for end users.

Lets face it, VoIP is awesome.

Secondly, Patrick Egan of the Business News Daily wrote a particularly interesting feature which discussed the evolution of telephone systems, the role VoIP plays today and what the future holds.

He was correct when pointing out that the days when a telephone was simply an inflexible system based on a bare wire between wooden poles are certainly long gone!

Whilst discussing VoIP, he states that, “The reason why we turn to new technology is because we want to save money.” He adds, “Contemporary businesses want to do the things they’ve done before but better and cheaper” and that “New internet-based telephone systems are allowing companies to achieve both.

Finally, Steve Shore, VP of Marketing at Kineto wrote an in depth analysis of the benefits of mobile VoIP in British based magazine, Mobile Business.

Shore notes that, “When deployed in a smart manner, mobile VoIP allows people to use WiFi as a seamless extension of the cellular network. This enables subscribers to move onto WiFi for international and domestic calling.

As the rest of the world embraces VoIP and its many advantages, you cant help but wonder, “How can VoIP benefit my business?

Gradwell offer an array of VoIP services that are specifically tailored for small to medium businesses and also provide a complete Mobile VoIP service.

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