Telephone KeypadBusiness telephony has been transformed in recent decades, and now offers a range of sophisticated services, including alternatives to fixed line systems such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also known as IP and cloud based telephony.

The new technology has benefits for companies of all sizes, from the home office to the large corporation, with the only key prerequisite being a robust and reliable broadband service.

Small Business Broadband

Even the smallest company or freelancers can benefit from having good quality business broadband, and if you manage an IT company it is an essential. Domestic broadband packages simply don’t offer the level of speed or service which you’ll need, even for the home worker.

For example, with business broadband you are allocated one or more static IP addresses. Home broadband packages usually give a dynamic IP address instead, so each time you connect to the internet you are given a new temporary IP address, resulting in potential for dropped connections if the IP is refreshed.

The Gradwell Solution

At Gradwell we can offer a range of broadband services, so there will be something to suit you whatever the size of your business, from ADSL to a dedicated fibreline services for your company.

Entry level broadband is the ADSL service, which is the option available to businesses located in places where fibre optic cable service has not yet been rolled out, such as some rural or remote areas.

At the other end of the spectrum, with fibreline you know exactly what you are getting in terms of speed and quality. You choose the level you wish to pay for and that is what you get, with no variation dependent on external factors such as traffic or distance to the exchange.

IT Consultant

Cloud Telephony Services

When you have an appropriate broadband service in place, you are ready to select the right telephony package for your company. Cloud based telephony can support multiple calls via a single standard broadband line, with capacity for up to ten concurrent calls. Previously businesses would have needed to install additional lines in order to have multiple calls simultaneously, so switching to a cloud yields an immediate saving on line rental alone.

Internal calls and those made via VoIP to VoIP have no additional charges, with any costs being covered in the regular broadband subscription fee. You can alter your settings and make changes to how calls are routed via a web based control panel, which is available for updates 24 hours a day.

Calls can be directed from your landline to your mobile, so contact is simplified for your customers. Equally your team can make calls via the system wherever they are.

Add-on services are also available to enhance your telephony. Your email can become a hub for all contact, with faxes being forwarded via the cloud system to your email inbox ready for you to action. Voicemails can be converted into text messages, so you can communicate with customers and other people in your organisation wherever you are and at a time to suit you.

Telephony Tailored To You

Packages are available for the single user or multiple users, and service can be provided across multiple sites with additional extensions. Set up is quick and simple and there’s no delay waiting for new lines to be connected when your business expands, as you can simply purchase and switch on more packages to support more users. Furthermore, you won’t need to change from your current telephone number, so there’s no chance of losing calls and no need to update business cards.

If your business has growing demands, but you don’t wish to move away from traditional telephony quite yet, our SIP Trunking option could be the answer for you. SIP or Session Initiation Protocol, allows you all the advantages of new telephony systems without the need to replace your existing system. Benefits include lower cost of line rental, sophisticated call routing and call centre features, and functionality to connect telephony for home workers.

In addition to its telephony services, Gradwell offers a comprehensive range of communications products and services, including email and web hosting. Whatever your business communications needs, Gradwell can help. If you don’t have your company’s requirements clearly identified, one of our account managers can work with you to assess the needs of your business and develop a proposed solution.

Having high performance telephony and communications to support the running of your business is particularly important in the IT sector, where your data demands will generally be higher than for many other industries. It is also appropriate if you are in the IT business that you should employ the latest technology to demonstrate to customers that you are ahead of the field.

Contact us today to discuss how we at Gradwell can deliver the latest solutions to you telephony requirements.

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    The modern telephony services have made it easier for IT companies to streamline their communication systems. VOIP in particular has been really an outstanding contribution.

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