We take our mobile phones for granted; having the ability to talk to anyone at anytime anywhere we feel like is the norm.  However according to national mathematical group Billmonitor, 75% of mobile users are overpaying around £200 a year, because their contracts do not provide them with the right amount of services they need.

The researchers claim that these ‘misjudged’ contracts cost UK mobile phone users an astonishing £4.8 billion a year. The study noted that over half of people are on a tariff that is too large, typically using just a quarter of their monthly allowance. It also found that a third of customers currently on the wrong tariff are on too small a tariff, paying inflated charges for use over their allowance.

So how can users ensure they get the deal that is right for their usage? Under-users and over-payers can opt for a pay-as-you-go style contract where they pay for exactly what they use. This typically is an unattractive offering as the monthly cost is not as consistent as a bundled contract, while the calls, texts and data will be slightly higher.

However there is another way.

Gradwell Mobile provide a mobile solution for businesses, giving them a landline on the move. This means you can free yourself from the burden of high mobile call charges, while still having the convenience of using a mobile device.

For those who want the simplicity of a contract. There are flexible options that can be tailored to your specific needs, with the addition of various minute and data bundles. That is not all, unlike traditional mobile contracts that are 18 or 24 months long, Gradwell Mobile comes has a 3 month minimum contract, with a simple monthly rolling commitment after that.

Full details of our mobile offers can be found here. Alternatively you can email sales@gradwell.com or phone 01225 800 123 for more information on how Gradwell Mobile can save you money on your phone calls.

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