Holidays are traditionally a time to get away from work, but a lot of smaller businesses function in a way that means taking holidays is especially difficult, and find themselves mobile working. There are a number of ways that VoIP can make bank holidays, long weekends and holidays easier on your business.

Call routing – You can direct phones from an empty or understaffed office to another phone, branch, or to your mobile phone. We know of a successful optician who runs their branches with fewer staff on a Friday afternoon because one office can handle all the calls coming from over twenty-two branches. This is a great way to keep your business open during bank holidays and understaffed periods.


Intelligent call management – With Gradwell VoIP, you can set up your phone to identify the precise type of call that’s coming in and direct it to the next available receptionist, or automatically send it to voicemail if it’s non-essential. If you’re waiting for a specific call but don’t want to receive any others, you can set priority alerts so your phone will only ring if the person calling is the person you are waiting for. This is a great way to minimise the amount of work you take on holiday with you.


Outside the UK – If you take a holiday in a foreign country, it won’t cost you any more money to answer and make Gradwell VoIP to VoIP calls. Your number stays the same wherever you go, and you can make VoIP calls anywhere that has an internet connection.


Out of Office Messaging – Never miss that important voicemail on your office phone. VoIP will send a message to your mobile letting you know that you’ve received a message. Then you login to VoIP on your laptop and check your messages. VoIP means never missing that important voicemail.


If you’re interested in taking advantage of these features, speak to our sales team now on 01225 800 123 or go to our website. If you have an internet connection, they can set you up with VoIP in just 15 minutes.


If you already use Gradwell’s VoIP service but would like further information on taking advantage of the above features, contact our support team on 01225 800 888 or browse our online knowledgebase


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