The global telecommunications market has bucked recent economic trends to see a 4% rise in 2010, placing the total value at over $1.85 trillion (£1.14tn).

Recent research by telecoms analysts Ovum, found that the increase was fuelled by particularly impressive growth of the mobile markets in Brazil, Russia, India and China – the so-called ‘Bric’ economies.

Ovum examined the 2010 financial data of telecoms operators across the globe, including providers of business VoIP as well as suppliers of trunking and mobile solutions. They found that the market recovered from the impact of the financial crisis to regain the four per cent lost previously in 2009.

Matt Walker of Ovum, author of the report, stated: “Within the context of a slowly improving global economy, the telecoms sector is returning to sustainable growth.”

Infonetics Research forecast in March that the VoIP services market would grow to $74.5 billion in 2015, with growing numbers of businesses cashing in on the increased flexibility and reduced costs that Internet telephony offers.

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