Data protection is at the forefront of technology news again due to the recent Sony security breach. Over 100 million users are facing the reality that their details have been stolen. Security is a major concern for all businesses and ensuring that business VoIP connections are secure to prevent fraud is a critical activity for any organisation.

VoIP fraud usually has two main aims, one example is toll fraud. This is where access is gained to a phone system and calls out are made. This doesn’t cost that person anything, but does cost you. Alternatively “Revenue share fraud” where calls are made to premium numbers in order to make money. Previously we covered why you should protect your system against attacks and detailed the damage that can be done if a security breach does occur.

So what can be done to prevent and protect a VoIP system from malicious activity?

ITSPA have recently released a series of best practice tips to shield VoIP users from the threat of fraud. Within the Gradwell knowledge base we have several different articles detailing how you can best secure your VoIP system, with a recent article focusing on the strength of passwords and another detailing how you can limit the impact of “Revenue Share Fraud” by blocking calls to specified destinations.

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