Christian relief and development charity Food For The Hungry has utilised the benefits of VoIP in aid of supporting its efforts to stem the recent cholera epidemic in Haiti.

Last month, health officials noted an outbreak of cholera within the disaster-stricken region, with nearly 7,000 cases reported. Food For The Hungry immediately responded to the outbreak by training staff to treat those with the water born bacteria, as well as educating those without the illness.

According to TMCnet, in order to efficiently organise their operations, Food For The Hungry employed the use of VoIP so that their teams can communicate quickly and effectively. The system allows them to make a large numbers of calls without the massive overheads associated with traditional phone systems, which is critical during such a fast-moving epidemic.

Food For The Hungry have offices in UK, Guatemala, Bolivia and Haiti as well as agents with remote offices in various countries, so it is vital to the charity that they work with a flexible and reliable phone system that provides low-cost domestic and international phone calls.

Food For The Hungry are continuing their efforts in Haiti; providing food, shelter, water and sanitation for those affected by the epidemic.

(Image by International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies)


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