Frozen ManWinter is really the worst time of year to be left with communication shortages. Not only is it one of the busiest periods for many businesses who have tight deadlines in the run up to Christmas, but it’s also the time of year when staff are most likely to be off work and unforeseen accidents are most likely to halt the usual office workings.

With colds and the flu being passed around the office like hot potatoes, barely a day will go by when some staff members don’t turn up to work; with those deadlines looming, the reliability of being able to quickly and easily contact them about absences makes reorganising the workload a lot easier.

Clear Communication

Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology allows users to speak as if by telephone over the internet, rather than using a phone line. This form of communication is becoming more and more popular, with apps like Skype and FaceTime allowing users to chat online without needing a landline or mobile service.

VoIP has meant particularly big things for companies and businesses that need to be constantly connected and in the loop. With VoIP, you aren’t nearly as vulnerable to communication breakdowns and disasters as you are when relying solely on telephones.

Whether people are stuck snowed-in at home, or trains and buses are cancelled because of wind and rain, it’s useful to have an easy way to get in touch with your employees – and an easy way for them to get in touch with you – throughout these difficult times.

A huge benefit of VoIP over simple phone communication is that you can conduct meetings and work discussions with crystal clear clarity, unlike over a standard phone line, where voices can get muffled and conversation confusing, particularly when multiple parties are involved.

Speaking over the internet, particularly when video chatting is involved, can also improve conversations between more than just two people; as being able to see one another makes a big difference in knowing when to speak and how well other people are taking what you’re saying. We all know how important body language is in business, and VoIP brings this to digital communication.

Constant ConnectionsVoIp

The beauty of VoIP is that it lets you connect to anyone you like at any time; 4G and WiFi connectivity means you don’t even need to be at home or in the office – you can be out on the go and still connect with calls!

When you have vital staff off for days at a time in snowy periods, VoIP might be the difference between making and missing a deadline.

You can also add extra lines to your conversation when you’re communicating, so you’re not limited in how many people you can talk to at once. This means that if there’s a late arrival to a meeting; they can be added halfway through without disruption. This way, your meetings over VoIP are just as flexible as they are in person!

Seamless Integration

Installing VoIP technology into your office isn’t just going to help balance the accounts; it’ll also be much appreciated by your employees. More flexible working – such as being able to work from home in the mornings while waiting on a delivery, or not being too stressed out if they get stuck in a traffic jam on the way to work – will always go down well with staff, and satisfied staff are productive staff. VoIP really is a win-win proposition, for you and everyone you work with.

While winter is the toughest time of year for us all, this isn’t to say that VoIP technology loses any of its usefulness during the summer months; it can help your office to run smoothly throughout any unforeseen hiccups which inevitably occur in the weeks coming up to deadlines. With VoIP installed in your business, you don’t need everybody to be in the office at once to get the work done – it can be done any time, and anywhere.

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