Almost 130 million people around the world will be reaping the cost and flexibility benefits of using mobile VoIP by 2016, it has been estimated.

According to a study by Juniper Research, a number of key service providers have improved their business VoIP offerings over the last 18 months, while the rise in reliance on mobile technologies have forced customer’s to look at how to utilise them while simultaneously driving down costs.

Juniper also noted that the popularity and simplicity of apps, on popular platforms Android, iOS and BlackBerry, add features to smartphones and aid their awareness of VoIP and all of it’s benefits.

Anthony Cox, associate analyst at Juniper Research, also noted that there was a demand for video over the internet, but the way in which it is currently delivered needs to be improved substantially:

Lack of a standardised approach and the absence of a clear route to monetise new IP-based mobile video calling services may hold back mobile video calling.”

The downside to this prediction is that it relies on the progress of the world’s 4G internet infrastructure. Without any advancement, 3G will struggle to cope with the rise in data that mobile VoIP will bring.

Gradwell offer a mobile-VoIP hybrid service that bypasses this problem. Gradwell Mobile uses the regular phone network, as a Three UK partner, but allows the user to make and take calls from a landline number, at landline rates.

This means that they get all the functionality of Hosted VoIP on their mobile, without having to use a huge amount of mobile data. Also, Gradwell Mobile users can still be part of their phone system, including call groups, on their mobile phone.

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