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Gradwell Traffic Management Policy


1. To help make sure that all of our customers can fully enjoy their internet connectivity services, there may be situations where we need to exercise our traffic management policy.

2. Traffic management allows us to keep our network operating efficiently so that customers who place exceptionally heavy demands on it do not seriously degrade the service for our other users.

3. This traffic management policy applies to all types of internet connectivity services that we provide.

4. If we consider at our sole discretion (acting reasonably) that you are using your Gradwell internet connection in a way which is having a serious impact on our network and is adversely affecting the service experience enjoyed by our other customers as a result (“unacceptable use”), we will contact you to inform you of this and we may limit the data transfer speed of your connection until the unacceptable use stops.

5. In normal use of your internet connection, you are unlikely to engage in unacceptable use. An example of unacceptable use is the continuous transfer of very large data files (typically several terabytes or greater in size) over a sustained period where we reasonably regard that activity to be adversely affecting the service for our other customers.

6. For repeated or prolonged periods of unacceptable use, we may need to suspend the relevant service in accordance with clause 8.5 of our standard terms. If this happens, we will contact you to discuss possible measures we could implement to guard against the problem being repeated in the future. Such measures may include, among other things, a change to your service package and/or any associated usage caps (which may result in you paying higher charges).
Monthly download allowances.

7. The relevant service-specific annex will make it clear whether your broadband service has a monthly download allowance associated with it.

8. Where a monthly download allowance applies, you will incur a charge for each gigabyte (or part thereof) of data that you download in excess of the allowance. The details are set out in the relevant annexes.


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