Since the turn of the century, Voice over IP (VoIP) has revolutionised the telephony industry.

Businesses all over the world, such as Gradwell customer Milan Solutions, are now enjoying lower cost calling and location independence from their business phone systems.

But market intelligence analysts In-Stat have produce the ‘Business of Mobile VoIP’ report, which suggests users will be making major moves from fixed-line to mobile solutions in the next 4 years.

Mobile VoIP usage is expected to soar and the market is expected to grow ten-fold into a $6 billion (£3.8bn) a year industry by 2015.

Analyst Amy Cravens, points out that Mobile VoIP solutions that combine mobile devices with Hosted PBX features, like Gradwell Mobile, are key to this predicted increase:

One of the key benefits of mobile VoIP for enterprises is extending desk phone functionality to mobile devices.  Business-oriented solutions will essentially enable the users’ cellphones to become an extension of their desk phones.

Users of Gradwell’s mobile solution benefit from unifying their workforce under one telephone system, as opposed to having one fixed-line system and one for mobiles. They will also see the benefit of reduced costs, with call charges from Gradwell Mobile-enabled devices being over 50% cheaper* than using a traditional mobile phone.

To see how deploying Gradwell’s mobile solution can benefit your business, call our sales team on 01225 800 808.

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* Peak mobile to landline call = 9p per minute. Peak Gradwell Mobile to landline call = 4.25p per minute.

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