With more SME offices opening every day and international business relations growing, conducting business abroad may involve frequent international travel. Business owners and employees can find themselves working abroad for days, weeks, or months at a time to cover partner or client business.

Whilst packing up and jetting off to work in a temporary new office is often an exciting opportunity, especially if you are lucky enough to have a tropical location in your territory, it can be disruptive when you (or your finance manager) need to figure out how to remain connected whilst away and not pile up additional, inflated international costs.

There are plenty of technology saviours to make working abroad feel less stressful and more like working from home.


Use cloud-based services:

With the cloud finally growing in popularity, the days of copying work onto a flash drive and taking hard copies of documents with you ‘just in case’ are now long gone. You can simply back up your data to a cloud-based service (such as Gradwell Cloud), hop on a plane and your presentations are waiting for you when you log onto your laptop on the other side.

As well as ease of use, cloud services provide great data security. What happens if you reach your destination and your luggage hasn’t arrived? Or it’s been stolen? You can always pick up another business suit or toothpaste at a local shop, but you can’t replace that folder full of work you need for important meetings. With the Cloud, everything is backed up securely, whatever happens to your baggage.


Internet-based telephony:

Another helpful technology solution for the travelling worker is internet-based voice services. With VoIP,  you can work anywhere and still get your calls. VoIP telephony is completely mobile; wherever you go, your number goes.

Simply register a soft phone to your laptop and you’ll receive your calls as normal. Or, to make things even more mobile, download a soft phone app to your mobile and answer your calls on the go. Unlike a traditional landline that plugs into a phone jack in the wall, VoIP services can be accessed across borders and are both affordable and reliable.

All of this helps businesses control cost and keep remote workers in touch with clients and co-workers when they are many miles away. Just because you are a smaller business, you can still think big and take advantage of today’s global economy, whilst staying connected.

Now, how about that office you were considering in the Caribbean?


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