Tech Trends2014 is now well underway, and in terms of technology we’ve already had plenty of big news stories, including the unveiling of curved supersized televisions and Android-enabled cars at CES.

Here at Gradwell, we want to look at the upcoming technological changes that will be most beneficial to you, our customers; which is why we’ve scoured the net to find what the top tech professionals think will be the next big innovation this year.

Some of these predictions are advancements on current technology trends, others are completely new inventions; and whether or not they’ll end up being right is yet to be seen, but from what people are saying the future looks very interesting indeed.

J. P. Gownder – VP, Forrester Research

The principal analyst and Vice President of independent tech market research company Forrester Research believes that mobile browsing will continue to grow in popularity, and that “Customers will actively shun businesses that lack mobile applications to enrich their experiences… [and] gravitate toward businesses that use mobile technology proactively to solve their hardest problems.”

It’s worth noting that Gradwell gives you access to your office’s entire communication management system from your mobile device, and that calls can be seamlessly routed from your offices to your Internet connected handset; ensuring your business is future proof.

Sergio Monsalve – Partner, Norwest Venture Partners

As a global Internet and venture capital investor, Sergio Monsalve constantly witnesses cutting edge innovations. For his 2014 predictions, he told CNN Money how he also thinks mobile browsing will be a major disruptive force, and how security will become more of an issue this year: “IT directors will be increasingly challenged to maintain security and control of their IT infrastructure given much of their data is flowing to the cloud.”

Gradwell offer their customers securely hosted Internet and telephony services, meaning you’re in safe hands whenever you connect.

Mobile Browsing

Renée James – President, Intel

Speaking to at the very beginning of the year, the President of Intel predicted that computing will become even more personal, enhancing medical studies and perhaps even curing deadly diseases:

“During the next era of personal computing, the biologic problem shifts to a computational problem in the treatment of cancer. Computing doesn’t get any more personal than when it saves your life.”

The foundations for this type of technology has already been showcased in the form of Google’s recently announced ‘smart’ contact lens, which uses a sensor to read the glucose concentration in the wearer’s tears, alerting dabetics when their blood sugar levels are low.

Revolutionary wearable inventions like this could bring about a whole new level of connectivity, allowing people to externally monitor their own health and helping medical professionals to recognise illnesses in their earliest stages.

Steve Tobak – Management Consultant

Writing for Fox Business, Silicon Valley based consultant Steve Tobak believes that wearable computing will really take off once they release that integral app. Estimating that it will likely be developed by Apple (who are predicted to unveil their Smartwatch anytime soon), Steve ponders that it will most likely be an app that’s already used every day on other devices, except this year it will go completely hands-free.

We love the idea of completely hands-free communication systems here. Imagine the ability to view the important details of whichever client you’re talking to just by mentioning their name – the possibilities are endless.

IEEE Computer Society

For the technology professionals at IEEE Computer Society, staying ahead of the latest tech trends is less a job and more of a way of life.

Their top prediction is that big data will get even bigger. With the world becoming increasingly connected, it’s no surprise that the company is predicting the “volume, velocity, and variety” of big data will increase at an exponential rate, and that technology will need to evolve in order to catch up quickly:

“The current era of extreme data requires new paradigms and practices in data management and analytics, and in 2014 the race will be on to establish leaders in the space.”

At Gradwell, we handle thousands of calls, messages and websites daily, and our services are completely scalable, meaning that as your business grows so does your communications technology. If big data is about to get bigger, then we’re ready to handle it.

Those are just a few of the best predictions we’ve seen from around the web, but what do you think? Leave us a comment below and let us know your top tech trend of 2014.


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