The global market for VoIP continues to grow, mainly because of the benefits to businesses’ operational efficiencies and businesses’ pockets, but the market is receiving a further boost as mobile VoIP begins to take hold across the world.

A recent report calculates that the global mobile VoIP market will see a rise in revenues to $2.5 billion this year.

The report, from information firm Visiongain, states that the value of the mobile VoIP market is being driven upwards by two things: smartphones and recession. Businesses are continually looking for ways to cut their monthly bills, while rocketing smartphone uptake means that more and more communication are taking place through just one device.

Across the world, internet service providers (ISPs) are beginning to embrace mobile VoIP as users look for not only for cost effective communication, but flexible communication services. There has been a steady increase in the number of successful partnership between VoIP vendors and mobile operators deploying mobile VoIP services, such as own our award-winning Gradwell Mobile, with which we partner with Three UK.

From an end-user point of view, it could be viewed that as more and more people grow up surrounded by technology, the distrust of devices, especially those using wireless technology, seen in older generations is fading, with modern, younger businesses often the first to implement new, efficient communications and productivity technologies.

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